I've received my award on the 15th of June, what is the next step?

I received my award on June 15th. what should i do now?

Click Redeem for your PundiX when gas fees are low. PundiX can be redeemed now, as they don’t count towards the FX tokens staked progress

Don’t I have to wait until December 5th?

No you don’t. You need to claim your first 5% FX rewards by June 21st and the rest of the 95% FX rewards by December. But you can redeem your PundiX now

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Thanks Nick779 as I was wanting to know this too. Whether keeping PUNDIX staked for the months ahead had any benefit.

So redeeming staked PUNDIX now will have no impact on my ability to claim earned rewards in the months ahead.

Redeeming PUNDIX in your FX Wallet has potential benefits. Here is why. Zac: Proposal for a Pundi X Reward token - #74 by MakeTheSwitch

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Thanks for this. The whole process is complex with “guides” that miss out crucial information such as what you’ve informed me on. Thanks again.

I claim my 5% today when I can claim rest of reward ?

Rewards are getting released 5% every week for 19 weeks. Add 19 weeks to your claim date and that will be the date when you can claim all your rewards.