Join All-Hands Meeting on Feb 17

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Are you ready? #FunctionX all-hands meeting is coming :fire:

Join us on 17th Feb 2022 at 9:00 pm GMT+8 to discuss the progress and Kronos Research proposal :star_struck:

To join, make sure you register to receive the link :point_right:

Looking forward to seeing you all there :muscle:


Hi guys and girls, feel free to drop your questions here.

The two main agenda for tomorrow is

  • Proposed changes to proposal, especially related to technical proposals for EGF. By @DavidK @Richard
  • Kronos Research proposal for market making By @benyorke.eth and team
  • Open to the floor, answering your questions posted here.

When will the networks be audited? who will conduct it?

My question is unrelated to the main agenda for tomorrow’s meeting but I do hope you address this topic.

Hopefully, F(x)Variable can be launched within 6-8 months (maybe beta stage with real trades on the mainnet). Do you plan to push advertising through paid platforms such as Twitter/Reddit/FB/Youtube/Adsense or other platforms?

I do see decentralized marketing as an effective tool but if the team could carry out centralized advertising, I believe the results would be much better. The type I see as the most effective are “Post Boosts” as it creates discussion and can turn ‘wanderers’ to ‘loyal followers’. Maybe, you do, just haven’t come across any myself.


This is my question as well! Is the FXDM planning to focus on paid advertisement on social media? If not, please clarify because i want to start a program to generate funds for paid marketing and don’t want to duplicate efforts. Thank you!

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Hello dear team and all PundixFriends!) Some questions that have already become traditional!)

  • Marketing and PR. FXDM is a great idea. But the program itself needs advertising!) What is your strategy for creating, developing a strong, active community?
  • PundiX, Xpos.
    How do you see the future of cryptocurrency payments? Will these be direct transactions, or conversion? (cryptocurrency-national currencies)
    Who do you see as a partner or competitor? (Binance pay, Alchemy pay, VISA, MASTERCARD)
    Is there any news from El Salvador, UAE, Turkey? Do you attend #BinanceBlockchainWeek
    Dubai, March 28-30, 2022?
  • Language support. Why do you think that the community cannot help with this? Are there any plans for new languages?
  • Listing and new trading pairs. We understand that you cannot announce anything. But there is a question: Soon it will be a year since NPXS became PUNDIX. And then it was said that the reduction of tokens would allow the creation of new trading pairs. And listing on new exchanges. Why do you think it didn’t happen?
  • Pundix token and trading volume. Recently, abnormally small daily trading volumes have been observed. What do you think is the reason?
    Thank you. And hello to you from Ukraine!)

I assume when you say “traditional”, it means that these questions have already been asked before.

I do acknowledge that I am aware that questions regarding FXDM have already been put forward earlier.

The reason I want to know more about paid advertisements is because of the launch of F(x)Variable. It can be a major differentiator for FX chain and they can also get the ‘First Mover Advantage’ that most people dream of.

There are exchanges that provide perpetual contracts, chains which have EVM support and others built on cosmos. But F(x)Variable can provide breakthrough for the company and substantially increase the community size. In other words, can benefit each and every holder.

Lets take an example with the recent video that was uploaded to FXDM (f(x)Variable Video!). Great video and you can see the time and creativity put forward by the creator. It cleverly uses graphics and voice to build a narrative. However, all that hard work is really not getting anywhere without advertising. It will be shared between people to people who most likely know about Function X or Pundi X. If this was promoted through paid platforms, the sky is the limit.

All I want to say is that “there needs to be a captain in charge of the ship or it will sink before it even sails”. Having FXDM is great but the community needs to grow to a certain level for it to be effective. I hold doge and other coins and love how big the doge community specially is. The doge tweets are filled with memes and support. Its like an army. And hope F(x) gets a large community soon as well but right now the only way I see is to get the word out. The way to do it I believe is Paid Advertisements.

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Maybe we can make live demo from our marketplace? @zaccheah



This is not related to the Ama, but im getting really fistrated as there is no support anywhere.

The discord is full of scammers the fxwallet contact fuction there is nobody active there i need help please

I recently changed my phone and i downloaded a new wallet and now i cant see my fx delegation.

What can i do to fix this please

Can the team make contact Litecoin foundation / Cyprus university / Blockchain Collaborative Consortium / Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia / Scale Moment Group… to cast their votes? @zaccheah @DavidK @BlueStitch or other teammembers. The sooner the better.

Now that we can see how some validators voted on previous proposals:

Looking on the previous proposal:
Litecoin → didn’t vote
Blockchain Collaborative Consortium → didn’t Vote
European University Cyprus → didn’t vote
Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia → didn’t vote
Blindgotchi → didn’t vote
212th FX Battalion → didn’t vote
Nobi → didn’t vote
Smallfort (sorry new for me, so maybe I am mistaken) → didn’t vote

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I support this. How about we do it for March’s AMA. Today’s AMA is pretty overstrech time-wise. Doing it in March will also hopefully allow your marketplace to be on EVM Mainnet (or at least Testnet) to convince your case, assuming you plan to submit a proposal. @Judie please note this.

Do join us on today’s call. @Richard will share some important points on EGF application process.


@Judie @zaccheah

That’s absolutely fine for us😎.
At this point our marketplace is complete developed and we can start as soon as evm is ready :slight_smile:


Missed the Function X All-Hands meeting?

:fire:Development updates including DEX & EVM testing
:fire:Governance and EGF application process improvement
:fire: FXDM
:fire: Kronos Research proposal discussion with @benyorke.eth & Neal Wen
:fire: Q&A

Summary + YouTube link :point_right: