Keplr All-in-one Staking Wallet - Apply for Listing to get more delegators / exposure

I recently just discovered about Keplr - a browser extension wallet that compile all the different blockchain like Cosmos, and many others.

We should apply to be listed there for investors to delegate tokens to Pundi X & Function X, outside of f(X)Wallet.

Take a look at the list of chains, there’s more below ( I will use Cosmos to show the examples )

When you click a blockchain, it will have a dropdown list that shows:

“Stake” - people can directly stake into all the different validators from their wallet.


Clicking “Stake” will bring you to the full page of validators that is on that blockchain.

After you navigate to this page, you can click Manage which will then pop up:


And investors can directly delegate their tokens to the said chain on their extension.

This is an extremely good way for people to discover us and delegate more tokens to our validators. I’m seeing Youtube Influencers using this.

Imagine in future when f(x)Wallet upgrades & allows investors to directly delegate their tokens to other chains through f(x)wallet.

Pundi X → PundiXChain
FX → Function X Chain
ATOM → Cosmos Chain
BNB → Binance Smart Chain
and so on…

Next up on the dropdown list is Governance.

“Governance” - people can see what proposals are being made on that blockchain from their wallet.


After clicking Governance, the page where proposals are made will show up where delegators can have the option to vote.

Many other blockchains have applied already and you can see all the reputable names up there. We can list Pundi X & Function X.

@zaccheah @Richard @DavidK @indra @Peko

Please do consider, this is free marketing if we can get listed.


Thank you for the headsup! We are on it :full_moon_with_face:


Please do!

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I vote yes for this

Even Cronos chain is tweeting about Keplr! Hope we can get listed, it will be free marketing since it is quite popular. I found out when i see multiple youtubers use them. :smiley: