Kucoin special treatment area

Does anyone know how to say about FX being in the special treatment of kukoin, with the risk of being delisted

Fx is a long term genuine network I doubt there is a chance it will be delisted, Probably just the reduction of liquidity due to people taking their funds off centralised exchanges, never the less Crypto was always intended for use in DEX services and networks it’s far from any end if they did Delist it

I would like to see an official statement from the team regarding this situation, even if its still ongoing. Communication is key, and silence on this is a bad look.

We can all see it, it drives speculation on why, further unnerves those invested, and scares those looking into buying fx.

The team has stated before it does not care much about the price , but at this point, the noncare gravytrain is gone. The team has to start managing this before it has destroyed all chances to be taken serious.

On a personal note, if fx gets delisted from kucoin i will sell my bag. Im not going down with the ship

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The “ST” tag is due to the low trading volume on Kucoin exchange.

We are currently working closely with our Market maker (Kronos) and in talk with Kucoin regarding to this situation.

I hope it is clear and no future fud regarding this matter. We will follow up if there is any update on this. In the meantime, if you want to trade $FX, you can use Kucoin exchange to contribute to the trading volume.

Thank you.


Kronos have received the notice from FX team. We are currently assisting in communicating with Kucoin to clear the misunderstanding that audit standards might cause. Meanwhile, we are maintaining the depth requirement and striving to make a liquid market for everyone to have a better trading experience on Kucoin.


I must be wearing rose-colored glasses! This is unpleasant information!
When you are waiting for news about new listings, new trading pairs. And here it is)

That not good
You not real supporter
I bought Pundix at 8 usdt
Loss and now 0.33 usdt i still hold
Bought fx at 0.8 usdt
Now 0.17 usdt
But still hold

Hi Angela, thanks for the update. It’s really great to see Kronos and Function X working so closely together on matters of exchanges and liquidity for $FX tokens.

I’d appreciate if you can give some lights on my question on the monthly market making report.