KuCoin to activate fxCore Network for withdrawals

So i’m still buying FX on Kucoin but currently there is only ERC-20 withdrawals.

Hopefully the team can communicate with the exchanges that listed FX to implement FXCore so we have cheaper transactions fees.

Also, can we have the $$ Value in the Delegation Total Rewards so we can see how much the current value is? Just like the pre-entry governance staking.

Hopefully the front page of FX Wallet will show our total value including delegated tokens value since after delegating, it only counts non-delegated tokens.


Sure thing, working on it.


Yes people need directly send fx to fxcore


Yup, currently we paying ETH fee twice.

The current procedure is:

Buy FX on Kucoin
Send FX to FX Wallet ERC20 ( Kucoin Gas Fee is fixed 30 FX )

Send FX (ERC20) to fxCore ( ETH Gas Fee again )
Delegate FX

Hopefully we can bridge ERC20 from exchanges directly into fxCore, not sure if that is possible since liquidity will be needed.


Yes, fx core integration would be great. First you need to buy eth or btc to buy fx, then send it, then crosschain it. Lots of septs, lots of fees.

We kinda need Usd pairs for fx as well, eth has had its best time, and its an extra risk having to buy a volatile currency to buy another.


Stop feeding ETH
Let us use FXC!

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Considering XPOS is designed to sell crypto, it would be nice to buy FX core straight from the XPOS/Xwallet and transfer to fx wallet.

No need for exchanges, withdrawal, cross chain transaction etc

For that to happen, there needs to be enough liquidity on fxcore.

Currently, the reason why exchanges don’t allow yet is because there is literally no liquidity on their side to implement FxCore.

I would also love to buy fx(core) direct in fxwallet with ramp. Than I don’t need to buy eth/btc/usdt.

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