Hi @zaccheah @DavidK @eduardstal

Good morning from here. Am not sure who the lead fxwallet developers are but it will be a nice idea to implement learn to earn on fxwallet. So people can learn about pundix and fx, then the ecosystem in general. For instance

We need to let people use this wallet, like one of the task should be like

  1. They will whitelist by doing a task, then claim a potion of pundix for that task which will appear in there wallet

  2. Another task can be send pundix to another wallet and upload the screenshot of the block time to claim another portion

  3. Then so many educative questions about pundix and fx… All this reward can just be tag to 1-3pundix or fx reward per educative task…

Am open to contributing pundix to this learn2earn
We can also seek contribution from supporters or if maybe any marketing fund is available.



I will contribute 2000 pundix from my side… If it’s well implemented. Alot if people will be force to learn and use our ecosystem. Some task can be done and earn 0.5pundix, some can be 2pundix and of cause if we we have 10k pundix, it will go a long way.

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I can take my time and draft out some questions and answers using the website and information online. Submit to @BlueStitch, maybe a team should be allocated for this too. Just suggesting.

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I think me and @Telchar also agreed that there is a lack of information / education on Function X Website.

We need to have an extra tab for ;

FX Decentralized Marketing (FXDM) - our marketing side and rewards & ranks
Function X Token (FX) - what does it do and what is it for - what is the utility

Build a website from a layman’s point of view - a fresh visitor who visits, how are you going to make them stay and get their attention. What can Function X do etc, what can developers do on Function X?

I’ll give you guys an example of what is a well build website whereby when a visitor visits the website, they will be able to learn everything about the project and what their token does from the website itself.

Website: Glimmer (GLMR) Token Info & Tokenomics | Moonbeam Foundation

All these are examples only - i do not own any of the coins in the examples at all. I just came across it and even though i briefly visited it, i can already sort of tell what it is for, what is the ultility etc.

Currently, we only have 1 page on Function X and that’s it.

And the explanation is very vague, you can’t really tell what the project can do. There is multi-chain, cross-chain and synthetic assets on the first page but i think it needs to have a page dedicated to explaining everything about it.

Explain how developers can build on Function X etc. We need a captivating writer to catch developers attention to build dApps on Function X.

We have such a good project but we are lacking critical information to build awareness. This is all feedback i’ve gathered whenever i show the website to new investors. So this is actual feedback.


I like your idea of learn to earn. CoinMarketCap which is owned by Binance and CoinGecko also does this. Many others too.

All the learn to earn.

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