Ledger & FXCore


Currently I have my validator with fxcore 2.4.0 latest update, but when updating locally I have lost compatibility with Ledger.

Tips and steps to go back to locally supported version?
As I understand it is version 2.2.x?

Is future support for Ledger expected in a future release? 2.4.1/2.5.0?


As far as I understood, Ledger does not support EVM yet.
However, you can run a second pruned node in 2.2.x without being a validator, which should support Ledger signed commands.

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Your error can be more specific.

I am using 2.4.0 and working fine with ledger.

It support fx address but not 0x which the new ledger app is coming later

confirm transaction before signing and broadcasting [y/N]: Y

Error: ledger nano S: support for ledger devices is not available in this executable

  • fxcored tx distribution withdraw-rewards [validator-addr] [flags]*

I would like to continue using my laptop where I currently have local fxcore 2.4.0, but would like some brief instructions on how I can go back to 2.2.x to do it correctly… :see_no_evil:

You may provide your full command that caused this error too

Below are sample that works:
fxcored tx distribution withdraw-rewards $validator_addr --from $wallet_addr --commission --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas-prices "4000000000000FX" --chain-id=fxcore --ledger --keyring-backend file

Remove keyring parameter if not in use

I have tried different combinations but I am not able to execute correctly.

should i run from local or from ssh?

$validator_addr = fxvaloper126pplyfsrshzvjutslee8369uhc3hvmxml8adf

$wallet_addr = fx126pplyfsrshzvjutslee8369uhc3hvmxnw6znf

Its correct?

I’m honestly at a point where I don’t know how to continue

Once you done the cloud setup then you can run it locally


echo $validator_addr to check the variable

then you can proceed with your stuff

provide full command and output if you have any error