Let's build an NFT club

I want to build a project with my friend.
What do you think of this idea? Your thoughts and suggestions are very important to me.

  1. Basic info
  • Published on Ethereum
  • 7777 NFTs based on the 721 protocol
  • NFT has characteristics
  1. Value (story)
  • Unofficial community of Ethereum fx lovers. Here are the supporters of fx on Ethereum, and attract people to look from Ethereum to Fx.
  • Strive for joint activities with Fx official, such as holiday airdrop gift boxes, priority experience rights (such as dex)
  • Maybe it is the image of the metaverse (or game) that will enter the Fx later.

I think it is necessary to attract people to look from Ethereum to fx, this nft is like a mascot, attracting people to learn more about fx.

We just spent 4 years setting up to get off Eth network, with EVM coming anything developed on eth network will be able to transport to FX Core network soon, Personally I have no interest in eth network projects that are on eth network because their fee’s are way to high, the only reason most have interest in FX/eth is currently we don’t have any other exit once we have the alternative most people will move away from expensive eth network; make sure you do your homework we have no clue how long it will be, might want to check out DaoVerse doing something similar here and Fox coin working on NFT trading.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I will learn DaoVerse and Fox.
1.I personally think that Ethereum will always be the strongest public chain in the world. With the most funds and the most attention. I don’t think other chains are currently aiming to replace Ethereum.
2. NFT, there are two parts here:

  1. Technology. Support EVM, which is the premise of NFT.
  2. NFT ecological , the most important thing is marketplace. There are also NFT statistics, NFT-based derivatives, and more.

Building 2 is a long journey, do you know the names of other on-chain NFT marketplace (Solala, bsc, avalanche, fantom, near)? In fact, most people only know about opensea. You can see the recent NFT transaction volume on this website, https://cryptoslam.io/.

I love fx, my personal goal is to build a fx-related NFT, and I hope this project will gain enough external attention. For game-nft, I think it’s fine on which chain. For community-nft, I think the current Ethereum is more suitable.

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I’m design on this idea, what images are you expecting? Animal? Metaverse?

Ethereum nft opensea is the most popular

Probably best to dive in deeper with both the above mentioned projects and their respective telegram groups to see if your idea can maybe plug into theirs…

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I designed a demo.

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It would be great to make NFTs like Azuki. They are literally overtaking BAYC already, in terms of volume traded.

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Yes, I’m thinking about this plan, I like Azuki very much!

I really like its design style.

Take a look at their ultra rare designs, the spirits and golden.

ok. and SoulZ.

Make your own
Never imitating
Be your self

Art is an inspiration, it inspires people to design and build around an existing work or an even better version of it, or a whole remaster.

c agree more

Just have an idea, if this project goes live, it should be airdropped to people active in this topic.

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Hi welcome @0xc33, we welcome you to build your NFT marketplace in Function X. Please let us know if there’s anything you need.


thx, I’m very happy that you can follow a community developer like me.

May I ask you a question? What do you think is the true value of NFTs? @LKYBOB @IvanFunctionX @SCENE @Superbit123 @zaccheah

Nothing just hype