Looking for a delegation tutorial

Stumbled on a thorough tutorial a few weeks back on
how to delegate FX.
how to transfer (ERC) PundiX & FunctionX to F(x)Core.

Am unable to find this information.
a) could someone please link to this info (tutorial)
b) Suggestion… pin link or tutorial at top of forum page.

Anther question related to the ecosystem in general.

Can PundiX be summed up as liquididy for the XPOS ecosystem?

Can FunctionX be summed up as Ethereum on the F(x)Core network?

I understand these are very simple summations. Was hoping to develop an elevator pitch to explain PundiX and FunctionX is a few sentences.
Please correct if I am off in this understanding (summation)


Here is a great tutorial

It would be a great idea to develop a 1 paragraph explanation for both projects.


Telchar… thank you so very much for the tutorial link. Much appreciated.

Fully agree on the 1 paragraph explainer. Was trying to explain to a friend who is new to crypto. Most newbies have a basic idea of what a blockchain is and what ETH is all about.
Was trying to explain PundiX and FX and lost them pretty quick.
Ended up using the summation posted. They instantly understood the simple explainer.
After sharing it with them… thought to myself “hope that was accurate”…

Would be very bennificial for the community to develop a simple 1 paragraph explainer. Would give newcomers a point of focus and encourage them to do some research if the simple explainer peaks curiosity.


Thank you for sharing

Detailed Delegation Info

When I try to explain Bitcoin Mining to a person thats new to Crypto; I tell them to Imagine their Bank, Whenever they deposit a Bank Teller verifies there transaction, processes it into a usable format then gives you a receipt;

A Bitcoin mine is the Bank teller; Bitcoin is the Bank; Because there is not just one individual controlling “The Bitcoin Bank” We pay fees to the Bank teller instead of to the Bank;

Perhaps you could explain it in this context??