Lost Ethereum due to failed transactions

A lot of people loose ethereum fees due to failed transactions. It happened when people tried to stake back in May and now recently when they tried to claim rewards.

I understand the challenge is the high volatility in Ethereum network congestion, and for some transactions the app estimation for gas allocation is not enough.

Not many people understand that, if they increase the gas allocation limit, it returns the unused portion. So there is no harm in setting the limit x2 or x3 the estimate.

I recommend team investigates and increase the gas allocation estimates of app with a fat safety factor and add a note along the lines: estimate gas usage = X, Required gas allocation to execute transaction = X + alpha, Unused gas will be returned back.

If want to be really fancy, the safety factory can be current estimate + 1.5 x standard deviation of last 1 hour.

Even though team has been returning the lost fee (excellent gesture), it leaves bad tastes for users when they see money being lost. Also, having to go through return process is a distraction for the team, which can be avoided.

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Gas was too low because one of the nodes failed to report correct gas limit, if you check etherscan all transactions had 65k gas. With all nodes working gas limit is fine and usually 50% over that is actually used. Report here - https://support.functionx.io/hc/en-us/articles/4408551565977-Notice-of-failed-claim-transactions-due-to-out-of-gas-issue

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Pretty crazy Eth gas fees, one of the company nodes couldn’t keep up. We will refund transaction that failed due to the errorneous gas estimation by our nodes.

If tx failed due to your own faulty estimations or Ethereum network’s own issue, then there is no refund.


Hi Zac,

I was one of the first to report this issue in the market chat and in the forum but I did not receive any eth for my 2 failed transactions, who can I talk to about this? These are 2 screenshots of the tx hash.

I had the same as @JL23. We trying to do the claim at the same time. Haven’t seen the refund.

Thanks in advance

Hello zach, i was the one who reported first regarding the failed transaction but have not received refund. I was the one who had screen shot regarding gwei with incorrect value. Here is the proof.

Got it. Thank you.