LP FX-V2 FX-USDT and farming

Hi everyone !

Could someone explain me how much FX and USDT I might get if we withdraw our LP tokens ?
…or how to compute how much $FX and $USDT we would get back ?
I’m assuming that Impermanent Loss is modifying the quantity of tokens we added to the pool.



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You can calculate manually in 2 ways:

Solution 1:


Find out the value of 1 LP token first.

  1. Total Value of Liquidity Pool / Circulating Supply of FX/USDT LP Tokens
    = approx. $992,946 ~ based on current numbers

Value of 1 LP Token = approx. $992,946 currently

  1. Take $992,946 * Your FX/USDT LP Tokens
    = Total Value of your LP tokens

Divide your Total Value to get the approx. amount of each asset.

  1. Divide by 2 = Half USDT / Half FX (Convert FX based on current price)

Solution 2:
Find out your LP Pool Ratio first.

  1. (Your LP Tokens/Total Circulating LP Tokens)
    = ???

Multiply your LP Ratio with the Total Liquidity.

  1. ??? * Total Liquidity
    = $???

Divide your Total Value to get the approx. amount of each asset.

  1. Divide by 2 = Half USDT / Half FX (Convert FX based on current price)

Easier method:
If you want the fast method, you can withdraw from Farm, go to the Liquidity Tab, and enter all your LP tokens(remove), the system should calculate how much FX/USDT you will get back.

Don’t need to actually remove, you can just view how much of each asset you will get back.

Feel free to correct me if any of the above is wrong since it’s been a while since I last played with LPs. :v:


In my case, I leave 1 LP in the pool, 1 LP is not deposit in the farm. (USDT-FX farm case is 0.00001)
and manually calculated.

Thanks @SCENE !!

Let me clarify :

  1. Where can I find the circulating quantity of LP FX-V2 FX-USDT tokens ?
  2. Where can I find the Total Value of Liquidity Pool ? Currently, when I check this link, I find 299533 $US.

Thanks again !


Hi @FrenchXCore, Sorry for the late reply, different time zone!

  1. You can find the circulating supply of FX/USDT LP Tokens here :point_left:
    Total Circulating Supply: 0.301742457761355139 FX-V2

  2. Yes, that is correct.

No worries! :blush:


You’re wonderful, thanks @SCENE !


Yesterday, vfat integrated FXSwap Farm.

You can view all of your token values, daily, weekly, or monthly APR, and additional information in a single dashboard. Similar to a yield/portfolio tracker.

You’ll also be able to see how much of an asset pair you own without having to calculate it yourself. :v:

:point_right: vFat Tools - FXSwap

You will be able to see all your yield in a single place, and it auto-calculates the Daily/Weekly/Monthly APR, including how much of each asset you have for each pair, in real time for you :point_down:


When i connect my wallet to vFat Tools - FXSwap i get a message in vFat Tool that something went wrong. @SCENE you know why?

f(x)Wallet doesn’t work with it.
But those using MetaMask and other wallet works.

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