Mainnet Launch Incentive Suggestions

If we couldn’t get enough FX holders to stake for such amazing rewards, why would they now?

I have two recommendations:

  1. Instant Unlocking of Staking Rewards: FX holders who participated in staking, could unlock 100% of their rewards instantly, if they commit to staking them for mainnet for next 30-60 days. (not sure if developers have the ability to get these rewards unlocked sooner).


  1. One Time Airdrop: For anyone who has staked FX coins for mainnet, will get one time air drop to bridge the gap to 75,720,905 OR minimum 3%. If team announces that anyone who stakes within next 48 hours, could also participate. There is a possibility of us achieving the target for mainnet launch prior to airdrop, & everyone will just get a 3% air drop.

I think teams needs to take a quick action with official announcement. With passing time, more FX holders are starting to loose confidence in the project.


The fundamentals of the FX project are very sound and much needed in crypto right now. Cross-chain, low fee is the future in crypto. We just need to get everyone onboard with the vision. I like your first idea a lot, or perhaps, instead of allowing us to claim 100% of our rewards right now instantly, instead, our rewards could instantly be re-staked in full, helping us towards the goal of 75M tokens staked, and then the rewards would be able to be claimed at 5% unlock per week like they were previously. That way, we could actually utilize our rewards instead of them just sitting there in the rewards contract. That would increase the pool by 3 million tokens (or 10 million if PundiX staking rewards transfer as well, which would put us past the 75M goal).

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I like your way of thinking @cop4200 ! Both your ideas are very interesting. Those who have staked from the beginning, until now, are likely long term supporters and have experienced a significant paper loss. This makes it highly unlikely that the majority of them would dump any amount of airdropped tokens.

Also an interesting idea to instantly unlock all rewards. If there was an option to automatically restake rewards i would do it in a heartbeat. Especially knowing that it could potentially launch the FX mainnet.


@Nick779 Yes, that is good thinking. Restaking locked rewards will be ideal & could even earn more coins through mainnet contribution.

First step would be for management to make an official announcement ASAP that they are working on something & details will follow soon. Everyone is starting to panic and it is a slippery slope. @zaccheah


The idea is superb… auto restake all fx reward and release bit by bit…

Hi again Cop.

Yes that can work, why not huh? The Team just need to setup it up and we stake them again.

Maybe simple as just setting up another smart contract, whilst staked amounts are high still (descending and without quick remedies more troublesome) and also the eth fees much much lower than the ridiculous amount which got us into this problem in the first place.

At @indrawinarta a good suggestion to look into.

Just keep giving the xpos and PUNDIX good exposure and if PUNDIX comes back to value people like myself can flip more into FX to reach mainnet, think longer term all this panic talk is not helping

I disagree with that approach. Pundi/Function are very good projects and they already don’t get the visibility they deserve. If the momentum stops, this will hurt the brand in the long run.