Mainnet purposes and it's possible/sought results?

Not so clear about this. Anyone? Thnks! I’ll appreciate an 'explanation for dummies; :wink:

Maybe read more in the medium app.

It’s help to DYOR


Maybe being on this forum is part of my research. Apparantly as far as you are concerned, that’s not a good idea. Thank you for your respons.

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  • Fast transactions
  • Cross-chain transfers(Between ETH and FX for now)
  • Possibility to create your own blockchain both through VPS or code-less setup via Function X Cloud
  • Will help to get the XPOS decentralised
  • DApp marketplace
  • f(X) dex (decentralised exchange)
  • BOB OS, which is the operating system for our blockchain phone
  • Synthetic assets

I think this sums up most of the features that’ll be available, I might have missed one or two.


@eduardstal Thanks! Can anything be said on how the mainnet will perform concerning energyconsumption?

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Well, it depends on what hardware components are used for the server. No GPU is needed so for now a 4 core CPU with 4GB of ram should work, these were the specs some time ago but they could’ve changed slightly. In terms of W use, anywhere between 25 and 75 considering you’re not going with over-kill hardware.

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Any idea what is the speed per block and cost per transaction?

Around 5 seconds for the speed per block, but when it comes to individual blockchains hosted within the Function X ecosystem that can be modified to whatever the blockchain creator wishes the block speed to be.

Costs per transaction will vary, I remember the costs to have been between 0.5 - 1.something FX in the test-net phase. (Don’t call me out on this, I have a quite bad memory)


Still impressed

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