Make $PURSE a Meta Verse Coin

The year 2022 will be the year of the Meta Verse. The best way to maximize $PURSE token right now is to make it a Meta Verse coin. People will be encouraged to hold it and more people will be happier to buy it.

is it possible to vote on this please? If yes, how can we initiate the voting?


Agree with this idea

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Hey there Prolific! That is a great suggestion which has already been a major topic of discussion amongst the internal team, amongst other use cases for the $PURSE reward token! :pray:t2:


Thanks. You can share it on twitter too.

Thanks for the update.

Will be nice if we can make PURSE as a token for DAOVerse.

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I was thinking of opening a thread for this, but it has been opened.I think it’s too late to enter the NFT market (MissionWagmi). Don’t you need to make a breakthrough for the metaverse? team should not stay away from the popular agenda. Everyone is talking about Metaverse right now.Is $PURSE not available for this platform?

good idea ! i’m in !