💰 MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program

Howdy folks!

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To our biggest campaign yet!

2 MILLION $FX worth of rewards — feeling the FOMO yet?


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to #MX100Days, MarginX’s very first 100-Day Incentive Program!

And GREAT NEWS too! Your NFT rewards are on the way!

Keep a close look out in your f(x)Wallet. In the meantime, this video should get you excited :hugs:


i will lead the charge



Here are the details:

:moneybag: Rewards Pool :moneybag:


:hourglass: Duration :hourglass_flowing_sand:

1 December 2022 – 10 March 2023 (100 Days)

:question: How to Win :grey_question:

1. Make a USDT deposit into your MarginX address


2. Make a maker trade on the MarginX DEX


3. Make a taker trade on the MarginX DEX

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For more information, watch the video above: MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program: Explained - YouTube


Hello, friends. I have questions about marginx.
I made a deposit on marginx in fx tokens. But I can’t exchange them for usdt. Or do you need to enter only usdt?

you have to swap fx to usdt and than deposit on marginX. you sould also have some fx in marginx for 20% fee discount.

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You will need to exchange via FXSwap.

MarginX is a perpetual exchange, meaning you do not own the real underlying asset. There is no spot or AMM exchange on MarginX.

Perpetual = MarginX → (Derivative, you don’t own the underlying asset)
Spot = Orderbook exchange → (Real asset, you own the actual asset)
AMM = Uniswap / FXSwap → (Real asset, you own the actual asset)


So can’t sell FX, btc, eth on margin?
Deposit only in usdt?
What does it mean? 20% discount on FX?

Clearly, understood! I will know) Thank you very much!)

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It would be useful to have a complete, detailed algorithm of actions. Many people will have questions.
Or maybe he already is) Please tell me!)

It’s pretty simple, works the same as all derivatives exchanges.

  1. You deposit USDT.
  2. You choose a pair to speculate on, E.g - BTC/USDT
  3. You long/short BTC
  4. Confirm transaction on f(x)Wallet

Long = You think the price of BTC will go up
Short = You think the price of BTC will go down

You won’t own the real Bitcoin, you are just betting whether the price will go up or down.

For a more detailed explanation with visual aid, you can refer to MarginX Videos. :blush:

With perpetual contracts, it gives you the ability to assume risk, identify reward, and develop strategies on your own terms. You can even hedge your spot positions if you want to go delta neutral for no directional risk. It’s all about probabilities, some use FA / TA or both or none.

In layman’s terms, you just make a calculated bet up or down. :rofl:


Cool)))) thank you!!! Understood


Hello I have a question, if I deposit lets say 10000 USDT and leave it for 30 days, will I receive daily rewards during that time?

Yes!! :slight_smile: Actually you will get it till 11.03.2023.


Today is 1/3 of MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program

We would love to hear your feedback…

Do you think the Maker/Taker incentive is helpful and useful to build the market depth?

All suggestion/feedback on rewards welcome :slight_smile:


This is a great initiative! Extra motivation always good! But in the case when people are aware of the program!) When opinion leaders, to whom people listen, introduce them to the project. Tell, show, explain, teach! Again, I repeat! Is difficult to convince people, even if they are friends and acquaintances, that the project is good when they hear about it only from you! And many are not familiar with FunctionX.
I think you need to start from the top. To interest just the same opinion leaders. The referral program is part of this motivation. And if various bloggers will be interested. The question of when their subscribers and community members will come is just a matter of time!

Now I’m just negotiating with several bloggers. If they agree to cover the project, do something together, I’ll let you know! It would be nice to do this in a video interview with marginx representatives. Or in some other format.
Need more noise! quality noise)

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Thank you for your input.

ICYMI, this 100-Day Incentive Program is not highlighting Function X standalone, but MarginX.

We have compiled coverage on MarginX so far…

Here —> As Seen On

Hopefully, thru MarginX … we can bring greater awareness to Function X and its ecosystem.

Sure! Always open to explore coverage for MarginX.

In case you need resources for bloggers

Here —> Media Section | All Other Links

Similar to Bitcoin (only 14 years old), this crypto space is still in its early stage … hence, we are not looking to convince the masses; we are only looking for early adopters/KOLs (like every one in this forum) to kickstart the adoption curve.

Much appreciated!


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Is there a specific date for the affiliate program to be active?

The referral link is currently being tracked in the backend, since every MXAlliance NFT hodler is able to generate their unique referral signup link.

Dev team is working on the Referral Rewards Section right now, and this will be soon revealed.

This new section will be showing history of all referees trading fees earned for each MXAlliance NFT hodler.

Level 1: 5% Referral Commissions from Trading Fees
Level 2: 20% Referral Commissions from Trading Fees

Please go ahead and generate your unique referral link and share out.

How to generate your unique referral link

Follow these steps to generate your personal referral link.

  1. Head to https://trade.marginx.io
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Once connected, roll your cursor over your wallet address at the top right hand corner to access a drop-down list
  4. Click on “Get Referral Link”
  5. Input your email address in the pop-up
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. Copy and share your personal referral link!

Note: You will need to hold MXAlliance NFT (Level 1/2) inside f(x)Wallet to earn the referral rewards.

For more details, please refer to our full walkthrough video as well as our step-by-step guide.


PDF Guide:


:hourglass_flowing_sand: COMING SOON - MarginX 100-Day Incentive Program UPGRADE :hourglass:

Watch out for our big announcement in the next few days.

Hint in the video :shushing_face: