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Howdy folks!

Thank you for participating MarginX Beta Challenge.

Kindly submit your technical issues below and our dev team will look into it.

If bug reporting has been verified, we will drop you a surprise!

Technical Feedback Form:

Thank you for your utmost support!

MarginX Team


Hi Frens!

In building the future of finance, we want to challenge the current boundaries.

Our mission is to make DeFi even better, for anyone and everyone.

There is still so much untapped potential in the world of finance, and we want to open up these opportunities for you.

We seek your gracious feedback/suggestion in making MarginX better!

Suggestion Form:

Thank you for your support!

MarginX Team

p/s: Yes! We promise to drop you a surprise if your suggestion is implemented.


Submitted 5 QoL suggestions after 2 days of trying out Margin X doing few hundred manual trades without automation.

My suggestions are mainly to cater to manual traders since majority of retail traders are non-bot users so this would help retail traders get a more seamless experience.

Overall, i like it quite a lot but i have some suggestions to make the UI/UX more intuitive.

I gave some references to help you guys understand my reasoning too.

P.S. i usually use trading bots but i wanted to experience the manual trading experience on MarginX since it was a new dex so the QoL ideas are based on my first impression since the idea is to hook the trader to the platform on their first try. :wink:

Cheers, i really like it overall! :smiling_face:


Hi !

It seems I can’t get the referral link (error 500).
I submitted a ticket on the above link for you to examine.
Seems like it’s an issue with the URL the “submit” button is going to :

Thanks !

Thank you for feedback submission. Will keep you posted once the issue has been resolved.

Good to hear your positive experience on testing out Beta. Keep your suggestions (via form) coming :slight_smile:

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Registration issue with error 500 - resolved. Please try again. Thank you for your patience.

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Last Thursday, MarginX had our FIRST EVER public preview during FunctionX’s monthly AHM.

We’ve extracted just the key bits you need to know in this video.

Here’s why we do what we do — enjoy fam!


As promised, here’s the official enhanced version of What Is MarginX?

Feel free to share or remix for contest!


Omg this official version looks extremely SOLID. Permission to share it on my channel please!

yes please :slight_smile:

p/s: remember to add your referral link :wink:


Hey Folks!

For those participating in “CATEGORY C: CONTENT CREATION” - here’s MarginX official logo for you to showcase your creativity.

Download Official MarginX Logo & Branding Guide

Have fun!


Great work, this is perfect as part of a media kit.

I worked in PR, if you also add a one liner and short explanation of what Margin x is, it would serve as a complete presskit.

you can then also add media/press section on the website, any reporters looking into MX will look for that first.
the short lesson is that thay are lazy (too mucht to do in too little time) so if you have basically written the story for them (small excerpt) they are more likely to cover you.

it also creates a consistent story, so no wild claims or under reporting from misunderstanding

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@DavidK does Function X also have a kit like this? if no, i’d really suggest it is made, as it provides a lot of media and communication capabilities with little to no work

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Great.Thank you for your suggestion. MarginX is the world’s first multi-chain decentralized exchange infrastructure that facilitates the trading of perpetual contracts of cryptocurrency assets, and other stock-based perpetual derivatives, on the blockchain.

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Thanks for the verification… We’re on it - we will make it easy for media community after Live launch :slight_smile:

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Hello - Maybe this can help.
Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:


WOW! We just crossed the first “B” in 16 days!

Thank you to each and every 186 #MXAlliance … Keep it coming! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do share your #MXTheFirstAlliance referral link to your friends, for those yet to join in the fun!


And 4 days later… more than doubled.



It is difficult and very dangerous to trade with leverage, without the ability to put a stop loss.

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