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Hi frens.

So, #MXTheFirstAlliance is done. You’ve won. Now what?

Well, it’s time to share the goodies with your friends. Recruit them into the same alliance so both of you can reap the rewards.

:date: Recruitment Period
26 July - 30 September 2022, 23:59 (GMT+8)

:trophy: What They’ll Get
:moneybag: A Starter NFT

:question: What This Means
Check which NFT you have in your wallet.
Starter NFT: 5% rebate on your transaction fees. 5% commission from the transaction fees of all your referees.
Common NFT (won during #MXTheFirstAlliance): 10% rebate on your transaction fees. 20% commission from the transaction fees of all your referees.

:point_right: For more information, please visit


What Is The MarginX Referral Programme?

So the more you share, the more you earn… FOREVER! (one tier)


when can we start shareing our refeerer link?

Now can start shareing in this link: MarginX. Enter you MarginX address and email address,click “Submit”,then can get your referral link.

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You can generate from main site…



More information on our NFTs in this video!


Where can i obtein again my refeeral link?

i didnt save* it

You can input the same MarginX address again in MarginX, then can get the same referral link.

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good good

May I know if we can use the generic FxWallet or we need to use special FxWallet like we do on beta test.

You will be able to use the original f(x)Wallet, it supports MarginX already.


Fyi, the existing Beta trading site will be replaced with paper trading site (soon).

We will unveil a paper (demo) trading site, where you can register for test tokens to do paper trading. This site will require a test wallet and will be made available for download when the paper (demo) trading site is up.

As for Live trading, you can use the latest f(x) wallet to trade with USDT on Live Trading platform (soon to be revealed as well).


May I ask if the starter NFT will also give me trade discount in the Mainnet.

How many NFT will be created for Margin X trading discount?

All MXAlliance NFTs (ranking from Starter [5% Trading Fees Rebates / 5% Referral Commissions], Common & FX Edition [10% Trading Fees Rebates / 20% Referral Commissions] and more Ranks/Tiers will be introduced in near future) will be acceptable on Live Trading (Mainnet) platform.

Each MXAlliance will be categorised based on colours/weapons/tiers … and we will roll out (mint) as we go along. All future competitions/contests will be based on our MXAlliance, including more perks/rewards to be revealed as MarginX progress on.

MXAlliance = MarginX Community - Think of it as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) joining forces to battle it out on MarginX! It’s going to be exciting as we will reveal more in the future!


This is wonderful. Thank you

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