📢 [MarginX] System Update — TSLA Stock Split

Hi frens,

We’ll be having a system update tonight at 15:30 EST concerning TSLA’s post-market 3:1 stock split.

The following data will be amended on our trading platform.

Last price ÷ 3;
Mark price ÷ 3;
Position price ÷ 3;
Open Order: Open price ÷ 3, Open Amount × 3;
MA30 ÷ 3;
Position Amount × 3;
Trading volume x 3;

No changes will be made to Margin values and Margin rates.

Liquidation prices will be re-calculated to match the new nominal values.

Stock Split Process

  1. At 24 August 2022 15:30 EST, a proposal will be made to suspend all trading, trading settlement, funding fee settlement and oracle price updates.
  2. The webpage UI will display a notice of suspension.
  3. A snapshot of the chain data will be taken, and backed up at the block height as indicated by the proposal. Data will be checked for integrity.
  4. Upon market open, a proposal will be made to migrate and amend the data to match post-stock-split values at a certain block height.
  5. Once migration and amendment are completed, data synchronization and trading will resume at a certain block height.

Additional information:
A large instantaneous price change will occur to unadjusted values. Users are recommended to use pre-adjusted values for informed trading.