Marketing competition

Hi Team all I have heard for the last few weeks is we need marketing from investors.

Why don’t we have a marketing competition.
A competition for a job interview.
People need to make, a Gif, a meme, a tweet and a promotional video of Fx or Pundix.

Top 5 entries, gain an interview for social media marketing Job at PUNDIX. Full time reasonably good pay, with an advertising yearly allowance?
Maybe could even get paid in Fx.

Seems to me people are worried, because of the competition of other cryptos spending big money on advertising and PUNDIX and FX which is a better product gets no attention with such a small group it is hard to get the word out.

Honestly PUNDIX would benefit massively with advertising. I think the project will do well regardless, but I think the more advertising the better it will do.

Just an idea Maybe the team feels money is better spent elsewhere. But I would consult professionals in business and get their opinions. I don’t know of many successful companies with sub standard advertising. It is possible, but with all the competition in crypto I think it does make it more challenging.


Competition? Must we compete? As I have related in other posts, its gonna take teams on the ground. It’s going to take people setting appointments with businesses in strategic ways. Presenting those ideas in a pdf format and which lays out an extensive plan with standard operating procedures that can be implemented into multiple teams across the USA and world.

Someone who is aware of this, and has the talents, skills, and abilities will not compete with others to get an interview. Maybe some.

Allowing a trial salary for individuals interested, would be a wise choice to see what can be achieved. That way, no one is essentially working for free, which a lot of the community has been doing for months, if not years.

Some of the community from my perspective really want to dedicate all the working time they have to making sure PundiX and Fx succeed, but lack the time due to current employment restrictions.

I’ve spoken to @indra about this over a video chat! I believe he has a sense of how eager and motivated some are to achieve the outlook we all are anticipating.