Marketing event

Looking to see if we can sponsor and possibly be a part of this event which is hosted by George from CryptosRus

I believe this would be great avenue for promotion and networking within a group of individuals who are knowledgeable due to the extensive research performed by George daily.

CryptosRUs does speak highly of PundiX, and I believe there is a opportunity to develop long standing business relationships from this seminar.

Look forward to speaking further about making this happen.

@zaccheah keep me in mind, would love to present at such an event.


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Thank you for everything you’re doing out there by the way. I’ve seen your twitter group chat active but I wasn’t able to tune in.

Keep it up bro, we definitely need more talents like yourself to bring Pundix to the next level.


Thank you. I believe in this more than anything I’ve seen in our ecosystem.

Hopefully we can get @zaccheah or @DavidK to come on Twitter spaces on our marketing push, I believe May 21st. I think the community push and a quick spaces chat would be amazing for helping those unfamiliar with PundiX the exposure.

Also a lot of business owners are asking for solutions to accept crypto in these Twitter spaces, so this works in conjunction with one another.

I also believe btcking (Dee Duncan) would be an exceptional host for any public settings, to shill about Pundix fundamentals.

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