Marketing Proposal

Consumer Segment Marketing Proposal

This Proposal is for an expansion and formalization of what I am currently doing. With a marketing and promotion background, I understand that statistically it takes 6 touches or contacts before you are noticed. Constant, relevant consistency is the marketing mantra.

  1. Consumer Segment Marketing Proposal to
    A. Team creations and announcements
    B. Community creations and Partner
    C. Personal creations

  2. Target market - Top 60 Facebook Crypto Groups
    and their 3+ million Members and the top 30
    LinkedIn financial, marketing, and software
    related Groups and their 7 million Members.

    Facebook: top 10 crypto groups average over
    600 posts per day and will require posts
    throughout the day to remain relevant.
    Current daily statistics for Facebook:
    A. 3 million members
    B. 16,000+ posts daily
    C. 1.5+ million views
    D. 300,000+ likes
    E. 61,000+ shares

LinkedIn has similar but higher numbers but not geared specifically towards crypto.

Proposal: post daily to each group and multiple times daily to groups with over 500 posts daily to remain relevant and active throughout the day. Daily posting for 7 days per week. Approximately 2-4 hours per day throughout the day. Other groups to be targeted as well during the period

Cost: Grant request is for the use of equipment and time for posting throughout the day.
2,500 Fx coin upon grant approval
4,000 Fx coin per month for a period of 6 months to be paid at the end of each month when it will have a final review.


BS in Operations Management

Not-for-profit Management and Board Member

12 years print marketing management delivering 50+ million direct mail pieces weekly. Director of National Print Strategies for a $650 million public company

10+ years Independent Business Consultant for marketing and promotion using print, social media, events, and training sessions.

2 years Florida Air Force Recruiting marketing

Currently providing pro bono marketing for and PundiX on Facebook and LinkedIn

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Posting on facebook groups could be a free thing if everyone does it, it is exactly what i’m doing now and what everyone in the facebook groups are doing shilling their own coin.

I think being paid 4000 FX per month based on $2 which translates into 8k USD per month just for posting on social media is too much. And this is based on current price of $2.

Don’t get me wrong, i understand you are from the marketing industry. But the 8k USD alone could fetch a celebrity / influencer youtuber promoting Function X and it gets more engagement and eyes and clicks.

I like your idea but i think it is asking for too much just for posting on social media unless you are a celebrity who will be able to get genuine interactions and engagements from the public.


I think people just want to work for either project. :joy:

I would be more Impressed if your were putting out printed media to millions, the exposure needs to go where the public is virgin to crypto so Pundi is a familiar Brand and will gravitate towards it when seeing pundi in social media which is so full of people posting boosting crypto why should they trust it when really by rule of thumb I generally don’t believe anything not produced by the project it self; most people need familiar first Pundi has real world working products they need real word promotion in my view

Actually, as proposed, the LinkedIn groups meet your criteria of virgin or nearly virgin people. I interact and post and comment to engineers, blockchain related, business leaders, investment and financial groups. Also there are marketers, media (Coin Chain News now interviews our people regularly and Dee Duncan does podcasts and shows with them), and software developers. My in person events bring me in contact with hundreds that are learning.

you might fair better taking note of Bluestitch’s proposal you may qualify in that category, Third Governance Voting - f(x)DM - Function X Decentralized Marketing

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Just needs an up or down vote when it comes time to vote. It actually sounds like not many believe in my target market. If everyone believes that it’s a poor target, then I will stop wasting my time and just ride the rocket to the MOON.

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The problem is that the proposal does not include Facebook or LinkedIn or other pertinent groups. Leaving out business users of our technology and XPOS machines. They only know what they know. The world is wider than that. Grass roots usage is what we need. This negative backlash is coming from my clients and potential clients who are concerned that we are really not mainstream. Even Dee Duncan a Master distributor is having issues with that here in Florida. But the decentralized vote is what counts in the long run. They just need to make it less cumbersome.

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Rome was not built in a day, all things take time developments can only move so quickly; the eco system is still evolving in an impossible pandemic environment; people would have many concerns in these times where everything looks to cumbersome, by all means don’t stop trying to get the word out there But decentralization needs community effort not just the efforts of the Project, Like BTC it’s really fully publicly promoted by community supporters

I can follow you to an extent worgforee (also because of the language barrier for me). I’m sceptic regarding your Facebook-postings. But rather positive towards your linkedln proposal because that is a uncharted territory.

What bothers me are the following things, and do not get me wrong, just asking serious questions:

  • I liked to know something more about yourself and your background because that is a little vague. Anyone can write a background story about themself and make it fancy, if you get my drift? Could you give us some examples of some of your work?

  • So your idea is spamming 10 big fb-cryptogroups daily, multiple times? What is the the difference in approach when 10 people here would do the same, each in one of these fb-groups? How would you attracted people’s attention and what would your posts look like? Just to get an idea.

  • What is this “coin chain news” you mentioned. Can’t seem to find anything about them?

PS: I would like to see Dee Duncan promote the Xpos a lot more. Whole the time I have been following him on twitter I haven’t seen him promote the XPOS. :frowning:


A while back I posted on the FunctionX market telegram and PundiX market telegram groups the lists of Facebook and LinkedIn groups that I was posting to. 13 million total members. Jeremy Herbst from The Adoption used to like and repost my posts which included tweets and reddit posts by Zac and other qualified members. No one else showed up on those sites. I asked for help
Received no support.

Wrong name for the Coin News people, sorry. Dee now does a weekly show there. I emailed them with the Team contact info and emailed the Team with their info to get it going. Dee is a Master Distributor and sells XPOS. That’s how I bought mine. He promotes all of the time. In Ghana right now doing Africa.

As far as my credentials, I currently market and train as an independent Consultant. My company has existed since 2010. Companies that I worked for/with: First Service Residential ($2 billion a year business), sold off for a client Morbitzer Communities ($4 million/40 communities), and currently closing out a security software sale to Google for $100 million for a private developer. Past print marketing of 54 million pieces per week in the USA for Missing Child Group with the Missing Child card delivered to every mailbox in the USA weekly. Consulted and mailed recruiting materials for two years for the US Air Force in Florida. Logistics and Delivery are my specialties. Data management is another strength.

But all of that is immaterial. Today is what counts. Just joined the exchange ABRA as an Ambassador and at my age (74) I don’t need to work. Love it. My proposal was written when $Fx was under 40 cents and I have been getting the word out to help us grow. I have a small bag (40,000+) mostly staked or delegated. Had 3.5 million npxs back in the pre-conversion days. Believed in the project since early on.


Dee posts on Facebook and LinkedIn like I do. See his posts all the time. Watch his show as well. Always like and repost and send links to his show which focuses on crypto and and PundiX and the XPOS machine. Saw him do an event in Orlando. He invited me and others.


Coin News Extra is the show that Dee Duncan is on. I also direct email the 3 Wall Street Journal crypto writers with all of our updates and events coming up so that they can attend.


Knowing your age and experience I feel now I would be happy to support you, your probably under charging, I hope your support continues long after your marketing time is complete.


I hope I live long enough to see both Fx and PundiX at $100.


Hello Sir - I hope your wish come true - heartily.

I’ve read here on the forum that you are 74 years young, I myself am 62.
Turns out that the slightly “wiser” generation :wink: (“older” I don’t like to use) is still with the times…

Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:

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If I get voted down, loses, not me. I have opportunities that emerge regularly. Especially in the blockchain world. I will continue to repost things just not the 120+ hours per month that my proposal showed. I will then have more time to promote my artist niece and my artist client and also work on NFTs. That’s in between my consulting. Thank you for your interest. Yes we are not so old and senile nor feeble.

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Will it be bots re-posting mayerial or you will hire talent to keep posting?

No BOTS. Most of the groups shut out BOTS. Each post will be in line with the group, what their concepts appear to be, and what will be approved by the sdmins. Some require certain verbiage and/or pictures or videos. Lots of determining factors. Facebook and LinkedIn are over 100 groups. I have overcome the hurdles to be able to post “good and acceptable” content. Just me doing personally as a one man band. 120+ hours per month for 6 months. A contract if approved. I have been doing it for 2 months now to 13 million members for free.

Big no for me