MATIC Polygon USDC stolen funds on a Transaction in F(x)Wallet

MATIC Polygon USDC stolen funds on a Transaction in F(x)Wallet

I did a qr scan to an address and really funds were sent to:


lost 217.3 USDC

My adddress polygon: 0x5a1f6f6357c427653df801a2A32fEBdb51b329B1
Transaction Hash: 0x41df8487c18c3f1062295ba1223afaa5340833cb292ea09d213e3af077a2cfc6

The owner of this 0xa957829735F0191DeeE0C33fb8e68EC41f54E7fB USDC Polygon Address havent receive nothing

If im not wrong, you send USD to this address 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174 (Polygon) and not to 0xa957829735F0191DeeE0C33fb8e68EC41f54E7fB. :thinking:

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You probably fell for the recent popular scam called “Address Poisoning”. Maybe.

Did you scan the grayed out address that sent in $0 USDC? If you did, then it could be that you sent funds to them since nobody can sign the transaction except the owner.

  • Always double check your address, even after scanning.
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never thinking this happends with fxWallet, yes on Metamask but not on this wallet.

then i see that i lost those funds…OMG

will check more carefully next times

I do not history messages on the wallet of those 0 funds trx,
how can i do to repair that?

i I had just used guickswap polygon exchange to swap usdt to usdc

It happens to every blockchain wallet/address. The blockchain addresses are all susceptible to those attacks, like how anyone can send any email to anyone.

Hope you are okay! Double check every transaction before transferring.

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Yes, next time i will check two times.


Have pundix created a interface yet to redeem coins left on the ETH network while being staked before the fx app upgrade?

At the moment, there is a guide to redeem the tokens from the pre-governance staking contract using EtherScan.

It’s not stolen. F(x)Wallet does not correctly support,0x8e23ee67d1332ad560396262c48ffbb01f93d052%26uint256%3D1

ERC-681: URL Format for Transaction Requests

The wallet incorrectly sends funds to the USDC contract address.

The wallet needs to fix this.

I understand that I must give them up anyway, tragic

I mean, it’s a wallet issue. They should compensate you and fix the issue.


Where, who?

Hi my apology for the issue raised. we the f(x)Wallet dev team are looking into this issue now.

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thank you, i will keep waiting