Merge FX Sub reddit with PundiX

Hi all,

I’ve been meaning to bring this suggestion up again after a long time, I think and believe that by merging the two sub reddits will favor the reddit communities in a number of ways.

With the group being at;

  • 21,482 for Pundix
  • 1, 643 for fx

Also the active comments or post on FunctionX is extremely low. I observed for a while to see if fx sub actually increased or not, unfortunately it really hasn’t.

Of course we can already anticipate the pros of the merge, especially these specific factors below.

  • Will keep redditors busy with info posts
  • Broadening fx knowledge, to new & old investor
  • Discussions can thrive between the two eco’s

Let us know what your thoughts are Pundians?



I have been thinking about this on the side to recommend.

A chief complaint I have heard from people is that there is too many projects and too many communication channels for the pundi ecosystem.

A reduction in this on reddit will help our social score and grow awareness for both projects.

Absolutely yes from me!


I see what you mean, my guess is that most of the fx reditors are active in the fx telegram groups and the forum, while the pundix community is active on the pundix subreddit.

At this time the merge would make sense, but looking forward it might be better to keep both channels sepperate.
I forsee that after mainnet is launched a lot of questions and information about fx specific things will come, which can be addressed on the fx sub, while also pundix/xpos will be much larger and generate a lot of xpos/pundix related posts. If then merged together it could be that the single subreddit is flooded with posts, while if both are sepperated it would be a steady and focused flow.
Im neither for or againt, fine with either desision, but wanted to raise this point to consider.

I had also considered the road map ahead but didn’t want to make my original post too long to read :sweat_smile:

I will add that, even with the swap situation, all posts were on PundiX subreddit, most common questions and even the fx wallet situation till this day.

Not much were posted, nor responded even when someone asked on the fx subreddit.

Also, (as you know Richy) many post so much stuff which can’t be removed, or inbetween the two which is okay I suppose.

I just feel that more activity in one group is great, because developements don’t actually materialise daily, as you can see many days where no news is posted.

On many many occasions I had to be creative to keep the pundix sub busy with news, and some even come out to state why pundix quiet etc etc.

Even with full blown anticipation of both maturing (or really busy with news) I feel we can handle both of them, such as we already do with twitter, and that’s containing whole of the space.

Also we need to get moderator Ben here (which reminds me to update him about yourself) his been away and is somewhat back now from his exams.

I’ll invite him now to the forum.

We’ll wait and see what the team think of this suggestion.


I posted on Reddit 2 weeks ago.

Yep, I saw and thank you for your input as well. Others have suggested back then shortly after fx group, including myself in the reddit group.

Let’s see how this pans out with the roll out of the mainnet and how the team feel about this suggestion.

Maybe having double posting of the fx stuff only in pundix won’t be a bad idea either. I can somewhat understand why it needs to be segregated, being two different things, but under the same umbrella of PundiX, so it kinda passes imo.

Also it doesn’t have to follow any particular trend or methods of reddit. We (well the suggestion in question) just want as many people to know about fx and vice versa when entering the eco from either sources.

While merging the two subs could be beneficial in the short term, the long-term outcome could be somewhat undesirable. What I mean by this is that with the growth of Function X, the r/FunctionX subreddit should also grow.

Pundi X and Function X are and will be two companies, at the moment people managing Pundi X are managing Function X as well but this should be changing as well in the future by having each of the two managed by their own team.

To tackle the “too many communications channels”, while I agree that Telegram can certainly give this impression, I’m not sure how we could avoid it. In my opinion, here are some easy paths that one could follow in order to join the right communications channel for them.

Understanding the project, nitty-gritty questions, news updates and direct involvement from the team to tackle ideas and suggestions → This forum
Understanding the project, nitty-gritty questions, news updates and some limited involvement → Reddit
News updates → Medium
And then there’s Telegram that contains everything and everyone, but it’s confusing.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

EDIT1: I’ve just removed the automod message from r/PundiX as I’ve understood it’s quite annoying.

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