Migrating NFT projects to FOX

Hi, @Fox_Coin there are many projects on Polygon, Avalanche and BSC that are kinda stuck in the rug, so to speak, due to the large numbers of NFT projects there. Some of them are made like a factory whereby a team produced multiple NFT projects.

Is there a way to bring a few of them to FOX market place, I think they also need us because there isn’t much visibility for their NFTs, if each of us in the forum buy one of their NFT they will have better future here than Polygon / Avax / BSC and become a top 5 project here. Many times NFT projects need to be the first mover as it has to do a lot with being the first + hype. So moving to Fxcore and list on FOX makes sense.

As a NFT collector I know some of them are desperate, especially this year. Let’s work together and bring some over!


as a whale, a bigwhale i like your idea to bring nft project on other chain to fxcore

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good idea.

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i think any project that wants to is free to apply at fox…
its not really easy to let loil do the work and “ask” them to come over, since most want an active community at the new place, which isnt the case since functionx does almost zero community marketing…

but if you yourself go into the projects and bring the developer to apply at fox then its quite a turnaround and much easier to get through with this…

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Yes, I am happy to do it.

I have started speaking to some communities and hopefully they will be in touch with me or Fox soon.

I believe Fox and Function X both.

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