Minimum amount that has to be delegated

Hi FX Comm, I’m still quite new to the FX Core platform and would like to do a more through research before delegating. Is there a minimum amount per delegation? Thank you for the answers.

No minimum

No Minimum or length of time, delegating small amounts won’t yield good returns tho, all the validators are team validators and set at the same level so you probably won’t see any difference in delegating to any particular one; all networks have risk they have to warn you they exist that said all risk is equal there at the moment.

Thank you Kaiser. Appreciate it:)

You’re welcome!

a minimum amount per delegation 0.1fx

My first delegation was a try out of 37fx… just an example. Don’t forget to leave a bit of fx undelegated so you can pay the fee (which is almost nothing).

Thank you guys for the reply, I really do appreciate it. Especially the detailed explaination from @LKYBOB . Another issue I faced was while I was trying to move my FX tokens from ERC-20 to FX Core, I can’t seem to see the Trxn or Estimated Trxn Fees for doing so. I have completed the approval part. Does anyone knows how to see the Trxn Fees for the Cross-chain transfer?

tap on the wallet address of your FX core then explorer and then you are seeing the TX of FX mainnet, but the croschain tx will be on the explorer of the erc20 wallets on eth chain because it cost eth fee’s to leave the eth network