Mobile phone icons

These are the default icons of the 7 in mobile view shortcuts. Margin X looks really good and the fx wallet, is super. The others are not exactly on par.

In short;

-I believe users have appreciations in beauty

-appreciate the team in addition of it, behind the apps.

  • the user’s mobile phone home page appearances.

-Improving little things like these;
-shows the effort
-care in the product
-and community/Experience care
-in the long run, we can attain a nice looking icons throughout the space, not just in crypto but from all apps, also to stand against time.

@indrawinarta / @zaccheah / @Peko

Please note I have aligned them in the same orders vertically and all DApps at the top. Comparisons are chrome, opera, duckduckgo and Firefox. doesn’t work on opera browser for some reason - Error 403

The icons could be unified as well across the browsers.

Also having them consistently in Proper HD and the text descriptions when saving one or two of them have are different default icon text.

Okay now I have to change my phone back :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! Will sort out MarginX on Opera & GoGoDuck :slight_smile:

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