MX Alliance x Twitter programme

Howdy MX Alliance,

Thank you for supporting MarginX!

Rolling out some rewards for our MX Alliance x Twitter programme.

Looking forward to your participation!

MarginX Team

Apply :point_right:t2: MX Alliance x Twitter Registration

Some notes…

Rewards (10 USDT worth of $FX per unlock)

  • For any MarginX only content post that generates over 100 likes.
  • For any MarginX only content post that generates over 50 shares.
  • For any comment initiated about MarginX anywhere that generates over 50 likes.

To Qualify:

  • Minimum 100 followers on Twitter to apply (No Bots/Fake Accounts Allowed).
  • F(X) Wallet Address (0x address).
  • Register via form above and wait for approval.
  • MarginX reserves the rights to disapprove any applicant not deem fit without providing reason.


  • Participant required to register and approval required before participating.
  • Strictly No Bots Allowed.
  • Strictly No Spamming.
  • Any inappropriate action taken will be removed from this programme.
  • Payout 2 weeks (minimum) after verification done by MarginX.
  • MarginX can stop this programme any time without further notice.
  • All decision by MarginX is final.

Good good :ok_hand:

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let’s make some noise

I make noise
This not bot
I gaveaway a few dollar
And some people will follow like retweet my tweet

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not activated pool fx-BYG pair on the swap :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thank you! Saw a few of your submissions … once verified, we will drop you an email.