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The MarginX team is starting a new series of Twitter Spaces where we talk about what’s trending, interesting or just all round fun.

Come join Shin and Dione in our first episode next week, details below.

:speaking_head: #MXTalks Episode 1: Will ChatGPT and AI take over the world?
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OwGWwnQvvwGQ
:date: Tuesday, 21 February 2023
:clock3: 3pm (GMT+8)

You can also view a sneak peek in #MXShortcuts,
:no_good_man: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS854X4Ep/
:no_good_woman: #MXShortcuts Episode 1: Will #ChatGPT and #AI take over the world? #shorts - YouTube


:date: IT’S TOMORROW! :date:

Remember to lock this Twitter Space into your calendars — Shin and Dione will be having a fun and casual chat about ChatGPT, AI and maybe more tech.

:point_right: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OwGWwnQvvwGQ


Thanks to all who tuned in to #MXTalks Episode 1: Will #ChatGPT and #AI take over the world?

We talked about AI
:x: making mistakes
:video_game: winning humans in games
:fishing_pole_and_fish: catfishing (!!!)
:handbag: replacing jobs
:speak_no_evil: not getting jokes

Recording for those who missed it:


Back at it, Shin and Dione discuss CBDCs in MarginX’s next Twitter Space!

:speaking_head: #MXTalks Episode 2: What’s with all this talk about CBDCs?
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqBZyarmGb
:date: Tuesday, 28 February 2023
:clock3: 3pm (GMT+8)

View a sneak peek in #MXShortcuts here!
:no_good_man: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8u4MMw7/
:no_good_woman: #MXShortcuts Episode 2: What's with all this talk about #CBDCs? #shorts - YouTube


What a fun #MXTalks, thanks to our amazing speakers @chinshinliang, @fullvaluedan, @eric_chin and @DavidBenKay :star_struck:

We discussed:
:question: Why do governments want in on CBDCs?
:coin: Difference between CBDCs and stablecoins
:crystal_ball: Future of crypto and CBDCs

ICYMI :point_right: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqBZyarmGb


On the next episode…

The battle of the exchanges: CEX vs DEX, which is better?

Let us know your opinion on MarginX’s next Twitter Space — details out soon!

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:speaking_head: Keen to be a speaker? Have questions?

Submit your request here now! :writing_hand: https://forms.gle/SBkm1XJRDxuD7fERA

Sneaky peek:
:no_good_man: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS89vKhvY/
:person_gesturing_no: #MXShortcuts Episode 3: CEX vs DEX, which is better? #shorts - YouTube


Are you READY for…

:speaking_head: #MXTalks Episode 3: #CEX vs #DEX, which is better?
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpmQwqPbxE
:date: Tuesday, 7 Mar 2023
:clock3: 10am (GMT+8)

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Announcing the lineup for tomorrow’s #MXTalks - it’s gonna be LIT :fire:


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THANK YOU to all our speakers at today’s #MXTalks! Convo was really exciting :star_struck:

Didn’t tune in? You defo missed out.

But lucky for you, here’s the recording :point_right: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpmQwqPbxE


WE’RE BACK! (Watch @dionechhx annoy @chinshinliang.)

:speaking_head: #MXTalks Episode 4: Does the #blockchain help or hinder #ESG efforts?
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1djGXlLkRkVGZ
:date: Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
:clock3: 10am (GMT+8)

It’s gonna be an interesting discussion :thinking:


Exciting lineup for tomorrow’s #MXTalks!

  • Keith Yong / Director of Ops, Litecoin Foundation
  • Dr. Nuri Purswani / Data Scientist, ex-Visa
  • Kon Sui Jin / Executive Director, Blockchain Association Singapore

SET A REMINDER :point_right: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1djGXlLkRkVGZ


UPDATE: #MXTalks Episode 4 will be held on Zoom, livestreamed on YouTube!

:date: Thursday, 23 March 2023
:alarm_clock: 10am (GMT+8)
:link: #MXTalks Episode 4: Does the blockchain help or hinder ESG efforts? - YouTube

Join Keith, Nuri and Sui Jin in a casual and lively chat about all things blockchain and ESG!


Final verdict: The blockchain HELPS ESG efforts. GREATLY.

If you missed out on the convo, here’s a full recording :point_right: #MXTalks Episode 4: Does the blockchain help or hinder ESG efforts? - YouTube

We discussed:
:green_circle: History of ESG
:large_blue_circle: Carbon credits as a controversy
:white_circle: Role of blockchain in ESG
++ and more!


It’s time for MarginX’s next Twitter Space!

:speaking_head: #MXTalks Episode 5: What’s so great about the Cosmos ecosystem?
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1dRJZMbZPWdGB
:calendar: Tuesday, 4 April 2023
:clock9: 9pm (GMT+8)

Hang tight, we’ll announce the guest speakers real soon :wink:

A little #MXShortcuts trailer here…
:no_good_man: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8pJEDpt/
:no_good_woman: https://youtube.com/shorts/yz86vXxOV2g


Tomorrow, #MXTalks about all things Cosmos, and why we chose to #BUIDL on it :atom_symbol:

:speaking_head: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1dRJZMbZPWdGB

Join speakers Karan, Jowelle and CJ, alongside co-hosts Dione and Shin, to learn more about the exciting developments in the space :star2:


Missed out on our #MXTalks sessions with speakers from Litecoin Foundation, Blockchain Association Singapore, Kyber Network and more?

Dw, we’ve got your back fam.

All recordings are now up on bit.ly/MXTalks! :film_projector:

Learn about AI, CBDCs and the blockchain at your own time. You’re welcome :hugs:


#MXTalks Episode 1: Will ChatGPT and AI take over the world?

Our short answer, not so soon.


ChatGPT as an AI language model has shocked and impressed the world. The program can even detect emotions conveyed through written language and respond accordingly.

AI also presents exciting possibilities. For example, complete games designed with AI could learn and counter players’ moves, which would be an interesting development.

This development could be either positive or negative, as AI may outperform humans in many areas.

There are also concerns that certain jobs could be fully replaced, such as bank receptionists, customer support, and lower-level lawyers and doctors for simple tasks that don’t require much discussion or debate.

Adding on to that, a lot of fake news and inconsistent information are being spread on the Internet. With the addition of fake news AI that can produce realistic pictures and videos, it is becoming harder to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

This shows that the ethics surrounding AI are becoming increasingly important. As AI becomes more integrated into society, more thought must be given towards resolving who would take responsibility for any negative outcomes.

AI is here to stay, but there are still many issues to deal with, and we must ensure that we use this powerful tool ethically and morally.

For the full summary and podcast, head over to :point_right: https://marginx.io/mxtalks-episode-1-will-chatgpt-and-ai-take-over-the-world/


:speaker: PSA: SPEAKER LINEUP for #MXTalks Episode 6!

  • Peko, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Pundi X
  • Joachim, Chief Operating Officer at HamBit

Remember to set your alarms for
:date: Thursday, 11 May 2023
:alarm_clock: 10am (GMT+8)
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqBoQNkQGb


Yesterday on #MXTalks Episode 6, we talked about how crypto can complement fiat. Here’s our summary:

Crypto complements fiat, along with CBDCs. Each of them offer their own pros and cons, but they provide options for users, which can be a good thing.

Crypto is a good replacement for fiat in cross-border transactions, especially when the country’s currency is volatile and subject to inflationary pressure, and when travelling abroad as a universally accepted payment method — one does not need to keep small change.

While CBDCs offer convenience for users to convert crypto to fiat easily, it also introduces a centralized component, which may contradict the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and create complications due to politics and geopolitics.

One of the biggest concerns around crypto is security. The majority of people struggle to protect their passwords and private keys from scammers, increasing the risk of hacking incidents such as phishing or code hacking.

To minimize these risks, payment providers are implementing different types of protection such as passwords and authenticators, but even with these measures, wallets and assets can still be stolen if the website is malicious.

Developers need to be extremely careful with codes to prevent hacking, and that there needs to be strong mitigation plans and safety nets to increase security and reduce fraud in payments.

Another challenge to wider adoption of crypto is the perception that it’s a closed system and can’t be used for real-life purchases. However, companies like Pundi X and HamBit are already making crypto possible to use for everyday payments.

A last concern regarding crypto is the volatility in transaction fees. Critics argue that gas fees can be volatile and create uncertainty, but we argue that using cryptocurrency for cross-border payments is almost instantaneous and much cheaper than traditional banking systems.

Overall, payment providers need to come up with solutions to protect people’s assets while making it easy for consumers to adopt. Having options is important, and anything digital is considered a friend.

For the full summary and podcast, head over to :point_right: https://marginx.io/mxtalks-episode-6-how-can-crypto-complement-fiat/


:loud_sound: Announcing our SPEAKER LINEUP for #MXTalks Episode 7!

  • Devon / ThinkingData.io
  • Kong / Aeonsparx Interactive
  • Silverlake / ZooGames
  • Timmy / ZooGames

Details below :point_down:
:date: Tuesday, 23 May 2023
:clock5: 5pm (GMT+8)
:link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ypKddvBbooKW