My marketing start

I starting my marketing for fx wallet :relaxed:


I put stickers on traffic signs, electricity poles, public toilets

so that in their subconscious, people who have seen the logo feel that they have seen about FX


Great initiative, Ivan.

Love the public toilet one, made me laughed :v:
People can stare at the logo while doing their ‘business’. :call_me_hand:
Remember to paste the logo in front of the toilet bowl!! :rofl:

You have the same thoughts as me.
Subconscious marketing is one of the best subtle ways to market without splashing.


This is near the seat, in the covid screening clinic

I pasted stiker on pending machine in that clinic too :grin:


I pasted on ATM automatic transfer money machine
Just few i take picture
I pasted around 60 - 80 ATM


Hi @IvanFunctionX
I like the sticker and i like the idea but dont you think people need to know that is crypto related?

On my friend car an
and motor cycle :grin:


auto repair shops accept payments with fx

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Can you post those picture on twitter? I would like to retweet some.


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on the basketball court

motorcycle repair shop in collaboration with the motorcycle community

shopping malls toilete

Good initiative, Ivan, but do not put angry, for example, with the person who cleans the toilet’s mall.

I’m ready to put this sticker on my smartphone and computer. Let me know where I can have some.

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