Name suggestions for DeXPOS, DeXPASS and Web3 merchant dashboard

Dear all,

As we are close to launching the Decentralized XPOS module to all XPOS merchants, we would like to give new names to this product and its relevant services so that the merchants can clearly differentiate the concept and operation of onchain different blockchain networks using their blockchain wallet address that they own their private keys/recovery phrase. This module includes three services, a decentralized Point-Of-Sale application, Decentralized XPASS card, and a web3-based panel for merchants to monitor their onchain transaction assets (a sneak peek below).

All the transactions via this module will be onchain with utilizing Pundi X Chain which is a subnet of Function X.


DeXPOS, a decentralized point-of-sale app for merchants to use their private wallets to accept and top-up cryptocurrency via multiple blockchain networks.

It will be available as a DApp on Pundi XPOS, an APK on other leading POS devices including Ingenico, VeriFone, PAX, and others, and possibly an application on Android app store.

Naming candidates:

  1. f(x)POS

  2. Block2Pay

  3. DeFiPay

  4. PayOnBlock

  5. Web3POS

  6. DePay

  7. #Pay

  8. BlockOnPOS

  9. ChainPOS

  10. MoonPOS

  11. (You name it)

DeXPASS, a hardware wallet based on Infineon chipset that allows users to own their private key and pay/buy crypto via XPOS.

It will be available online for sale on

Naming candidates:

  1. f(x)Card

  2. DefiPass

  3. Quallet (Quadra wallet)

  4. XPocket

  5. 0xPass

  6. LinkToPass

  7. Web3Card

  8. Web3Pass

  9. #Card

  10. MoonXPASS

  11. (You name it)

Web3 Merchant portal, a powerful dashboard for merchants to add addresses and monitor their onchain transactions as well as assets across multiple blockchain networks.

Naming candidates:

  1. MeScan

  2. UniScan

  3. MultiScan

  4. CrossScan

  5. EvmScan

  6. PayXScan

  7. Web3Merchant

  8. ChainRadar

  9. MerchantEx

  10. CollectScan

  11. (You name it)

Let us know which name you prefer for these three services or suggest meaningful/catchy names that have not been used by others before. If your suggestion is adopted, we will award 1,000 FX tokens each for three lucky winners. We will complete the naming process by 7th June 2022.

Look forward to your feedback :slight_smile:



Would love to see a coordinated naming :slight_smile: , like…

  • PayXPass
  • PayXPOS
  • PayXGate
    …or the same without “Pay” prefix…
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Need something that is easy to pronounce for foreigners - Eg. Binance, is easy with the tongue

I am going for simplicity.

  • XPOS
  • XCard
  • XScan

Second set:

  • PXS Card
  • PXS Scan

PXS represents PUNDIX and it was its old token ticker - everything is related for simplicity sake and it is easy to remember. Short and simple.

Third set:

  • PX POS
  • PX Card
  • PX Scan

Direct - Pundi X (PX)

Agree with @FrenchXCore that the prefix should all be the same and relatable.

A good example is Elon Musk’s way of naming - Starbase, Starship and more.

Fourth set:

  • Star POS
  • Star Card
  • Star Gate → Star Port → Star Portal is already our explorer’s name. This 3 names will have direct relationship with starscan.


I actually like the names XPOS and XPASS. And also see no reason to use DEXPOS and DEXPASS differently. They are not very catchy. Hopefully, you would call all POS Systems as XPOS in the future.

My take is to use existing names to brand new products, thus reducing confusion.

XPAY (for DeXPOS App)
As you mentioned, the naming is for deXPOS app, I think XPAY is the best way forward. If in the future you allow websites to use Pundi X payment system, it could carry the same name.

XWALLET (for DeXPASS card)
The name XWallet is a better name for DEXPASS cards. It reflects the Pundi X wallet and self explanatory. You can also create dashboard for XWallet card holders in XWallet App for managing their accounts digitally.

Consider these statements:
“Use XPAY”

They are easy on the tongue and memorable.



  • XPAY



Web3 Merchant portal:


DeXpos _ DeXpos
DeXpass _ DeXPass
Web3 Merch _ W3MerchX _ PayX Gatescan _ XChangeMe

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I don’t think XPAY should be a product name.

  • It should be the name for the whole payment system of Pundi X instead, similar to Apple Pay
  • XPAY - a name that can be used for all offline and online payment

We want it to become the norm, just like how people talk to their friends:

"Hey do you use Apple Pay? Hey do you use Samsung Pay?

  • “Hey, do you use XPAY?”
  • Not - “Hey do you use XPOS , XCARD, XSCAN?”

A product is “Do you have” - XPOS, XCARD
A network is “Do you use” - XPAY

Naming of product shouldn’t be XPAY, the same way apple strategically name their products.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod

These are some of the names they use for EACH product.

  • Apple Pay is their payment network name - the whole eclipse, from top to bottom
  • XPAY should be our payment eclipse, not a single product name

This is a strategic move by Apple. Their prefix is always there - which is the letter i and that is why it became very popular, a domino effect of names all having the same prefix - relatable and memorable

Ours can be X.


There are in-depth strategy planning for product naming and network naming. It looks simple but there’s a reason behind every name.



Hi all, thank you for all the suggestions!

Today I thought of the following for naming.

Doing a quick google search, “a vault is a secure room where money and other valuable things can be kept safely”.

Therefore, allow me to introduce to you the Vaulta ecosystem.

  • Vaulta POS (VaultaPOS)
  • Vaulta Pass (VaultaPass)
  • Vaulta Scan (VaultaScan)

Created an image to show what it can look like. Keep in mind the image and designs shown below are just to illustrate the naming idea.


So you want to use the same word for all 3.
Some others:

Just words that came to mind out of my distorted head.


(Flexi)ble because it means freedom and no restrictions. I think that would go great with our products.
Flexi Pos
Flexi Pass
Flexi Scanner


These seem like the best and simple options

● XPos
● XCard
● XScan

I like :

Web3POS :DEXPOS dapp

0xPass : decentralized card

PayXScan : merchant portal

I have two other suggestions:

  1. Starlane
    i. Starlane Pay
    ii. Starlane Card
    iii. Starlane Desk/Portal (For merchants)

  2. Blocklane
    i. Blocklane Pay
    ii. Blocklane Card
    iii. Blocklane Desk/Portal (For merchants)

Available websites:
d. (Available-$2195)

Here lane refers to “route”
Starlane is more easier on the tongue and brandable
Blocklane is more technical and self explanatory

In other words, starlane would mean “route of the stars” whereas blocklane would mean “route of the blocks”

Since crypto community already know “Pundi”, so keeping it simple and straight forward without the need for diverse (heavy-lifting) marketing…

PundiPOS (ApplePay)
PundiWallet (AppleWallet)
PundiPass (AppleCard)
PundiPortal (AppleStore)
PundiChain (Blockchain)
Pundi123… PundiXYZ

Less is more :slight_smile:

The new name pundix ecosystem

this is for the Decentralised apps on Xpos, it’s not renaming the whole Pundix eco system no

Unchained Pass

Unchained POS

UnChained scan

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DeXktop Portal :sweat_smile: