Need help for pay Fx fees for claim stacking rewards

Hi there,

I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask for help to borrow 1Fx. I hope yes. If my message disturbs you, I’ll erase it.

I’ve not managed my asset well, and I have 0.28 Fx on my wallet, which is insufficient for a claim reward from stacking.

(Why is it so expensive? by the way)

If someone can help me with 1fx, it could be awesome, and of course, I will give back immediately.


PM your wallet address QRCode to me … happy to send over :slight_smile:


My message was shared on Function X telegram chat, and at least 3 guys had purposed to help me.

The problem is now solved, and I realize that we have a great community!

Many thanks. Regards :slight_smile:


fee’ is .28 of an FX which is about 20c? compared to eth networks fee’s anywhere between $5 & a few thousand dollars; I would normally ignore this question but Fx Core fee’s are far from expensive they are among the best in the market


If it happens again, don’t hesitate to ask again. Many of us have made this mistake more than once :sweat_smile:

Frenchxcore did a test with fx core (reported here somewhere), using the testnet feature, and the fees were ridiculously low. Also I did note, prior to the above test, that the team had always had the intention of reducing the fees as much as possible.

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What good news! I appreciate your support. Yes I’ve seen some people who made the same mistake before. That’s why I’ve asked for help.

To respond to LKYBOB, I think it’s expensive thinking not in FIAT but in FxToken, because I think this Token can rise one day at least 100 USD! (Look Solana, Avalanche, BNB) I can’t imagine success with 50 USD fees.

if the coin becomes $1000 the fee will adjust as far as we are aware of what I’m sure we were told before, my comparison of fiat was just to explain how cheap it is, I seriously doubt you’ll see .28 fee’s with a coin value of $1000. we left eth network to create a cheaper fee environment as a priority, hope this makes sense

Here is the info I mentioned ;


Really nice ! Thx ! We have a nice hope to see fx to be one of the best blockchains on cryptomarket.