New account tiktok MarginX

Yesterday I prepared an account on tiktok that I had previously created but with the intention of spreading MarginX I hope it doesn’t seem bad. I will try to put all the video tutorials that have been created from MarginX. what do you think?



I think it’s a great initiative to spread awareness! :wink:


That’s great! Good that you added your invitation code. :slight_smile:

Keep growing your MXAlliance … more perks will be revealed as we grow.


@Xanezu lovin it, i hope it will grow to be very popular.

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It seems the video has been taken down since, I believe TikTok has taken a stand against crypto since around a year ago. Although the initiative is good, the choice of platform could be more crypto-friendly.

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I had a problem with a video but with the other videos that I have doubted they have not sent me any more notices. In addition, the video that gave me problems was not important.

Good morning community, I’m having a problem with my tiktok account. I think it’s a tiktok error, there are videos that I upload and they are silenced. :pensive: And for work reasons I don’t have time to complain to tiktok and when I see these problems I try to direct people to the official account where these videos are originally. Could I contact the account administrators: MarginX (@marginx_io) | TikTok

Likely due to copyright music used.

What about? I don’t quite understand. You can pm me here.

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Hello orbitant, I work with a truck and I’ve been quite busy for a morning and I haven’t been able to answer you in due time. When using Google translator, perhaps I have not expressed myself well and what I wanted to say has not been translated well. I wanted to know who is the one who manages the official tiktok account to have a close relationship.

Oic. Sure, you can liaise with me via pm or telegram @orbitant .

Drive safe!

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