New FXNEER wanted for FXDM. Only one open slot is available!

Dear Function X Community,

It’s been 1-year since the launch of FXDM (f(x)NEER gears up to kick off a community-driven decentralized Marketing program | by ₿lue Stitch (Andreas) | Function X | Medium). As indicated in the proposal , each tenure for our community volunteers is six months, so, the FXDM is now open for applications for the next batch of FXNEERS.

New FXNEER wanted. Only one open slot is available!

The FXNEERS consist of 3 members from the Function X and Pundi X teams and 4 members from the community. FXNEERS cannot participate as creative contributors or receive FXDM awards during their six-month tenure. Instead, they will be rewarded in $FX.


  • Each FXNEER will be rewarded with $150 worth of $FX per month for a total of USD 900 worth of $FX under the following conditions:
    • fulfill the requirement of sharing relevant posts on social media three times per week during their term;
    • the rewards will be calculated weekly; and
    • the total rewards to be distributed at the end of the six-month period.


  • Attend irregular meetings/discussions;
  • Be responsive in group chats;
  • Participate in submissions selection;
  • Share FXDM posts on social media three times per week during their tenure; and
  • Other things that are beneficial to the growth of the FXDM/ Function X Community

The FXNEER is a volunteer job that is important to the success of FXDM and further enhances the growth of the Function X Community. With @ClaudioxBarros, @Jan and Crypto Knightrider staying, one more volunteer is wanted to form the next strong team.

If you are interested in becoming one of the FXNEERS, please email [] or send me a message her on the StarScan forum (

Thank you to the current batch, and looking forward to the next!



All spots filled. Welcome @KuzoIV to the FXNEERs team!