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Is there a chance that Pundi x will be listed (soon) on Coinbase or another big exchange?! Pundi X deserves this! :pray:


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@EdwinS93 :
I’m not from the team, but the team largely said they would never announce that beforehand for confidentiality reasons.

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Despite you are not from the team, thanks for your comment!
I have a good feeling it could be soon :smile:

Well, FX is already on Coinbase.
As soon as the decentralized XPOS will start spreading, we will see the results in the trimester PUNDIX burn update. Currently, it’s stagnating around 7000 PUNDIX burnt.
With the NPXSXEM-to-PURSE transform (ending on 31st of january 2022), it should allow for a huge burn (something like 20 million PUNDIX burn !).
It also seems that 28 billions NPXS were still not converted to PUNDIX, and people have until 29th of march 2022 : this means a potential another 28 millions PUNDIX burn.
Guess what would happen if a deflationary token like PUNDIX happened to have a 48M PUNDIX burn over a total circulating of 258M tokens by march 2022 !!!
Maybe @zaccheah could confirm those burns are supposed to happen… (maybe not exactly in these numbers since they’re not finalized yet!)

And I’m not even considering a bull market pushing prices high, or the deXPOS finding its market on the way !!


Thanks for your detailed message! In any case, your explanation sounds very positive! I’m really looking forward to what we can expect next year in a positive way :smiley:!

great vision my friend

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Wow if this is true and if team is able confirm … that will be big.
Better to announce if its true so that it will reflect it in price in bull run.

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Good day @zaccheah ! What is your opinion on @FrenchXCore 's explanation?

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@zaccheah : could you please enlighten us on the future PUNDIX burns in january and march '22 ?

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