New site coming for live launch!

… new site incoming :game_die::nazar_amulet::japanese_ogre::m::negative_squared_cross_mark:

What would you like to see? Do comment below :stuck_out_tongue:


everything :stuck_out_tongue:
Any date for the release?


Would like to see trading goes live to public :grin:


You will love it! :wine_glass: Had fun testing internally with real money against institutions and others.


About NFT total Supply, Only 1000 with Referee program yes?

I don’t think there is a NFT max supply because as long as any user signs up under a referrer, he/she will receive a starter NFT.

MarginX runs on a utility NFT system, where each NFT is tied to a wallet address and determines each wallet’s voting rights, trading rebates, and referral fees.

This opens up the avenue to build a sense of community, and offers users an additional and perpetual source of yield.

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ah ok, understand

The first version which offers 10% trading rebates / 20% referral commissions will be limited to 1,000 per MX Alliance; while the Special Function X Anniversary Edition (10% TB /20% RC) will be very limited (less than 50).

As for the current Starter with 5% TR / 5% RC, we have yet to determine the actual quantity.

There’ll be different tiers of MX Alliance (by groups/colours) to be introduced, with Higher Trading Rebates & Referral Commissions + Governance Voting (DAO) + $FX Staking + additional exciting perks (to be announced) for lifetime!

Moving forward (fully open to public), all holders of MX Alliance will automatically qualify for all future trading competitions; and we will introduce team rewards as well as individual prizes.

Think of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU ) concept coming together to battle it out on MarginX :smile:

All these MX Alliance NFT will not be made available for sale (from MarginX), and it will only be distributed via referral signups and through contests and promotions (events).

Higher tier version will be available for upgrading once holder reached a certain trading volume/referral commissions consolidated.

All institutions/trading desks will also use MX Alliance NFTs to enjoy the same benefits.

MarginX will keep introducing more utilities for our NFTs as we go grow.


Can’t wait! I want to ask everyday when everything lol.

I deeply hope marginx does well and gives function X the boost it always deserved same time. The new site sounds great and I’ll be honest, was not expecting this at all, so that is a nice surprise :grin:

A how to guide in various languages can help with boosting marginx on launch date… (a random suggestion). Anything to get this beast out the gate with flying colours.


Do margin x have any symbol or logo
Or robot margin x picture/ mascot
I want make 3d animation marginx mascot

Yes! Off the gate, we’ll have a whole suite of video guides to get every one started. Language translations will be introduced on a later date, until we have the analytics to prioritise.

We will engage forex/crypto/stocks trader to create videos on trading strategy/charting/how-to as well.


MarginX will have a brand guide for media usage. Our MX Alliance are the “mascots” and 3D animation is not our priority right now; as we only focus on the essentials right now.


I would like to see:

  • an easy to read/understand explanation - “a MarginX for beginners” without big words (or with explanation of those words)
  • other languages… German/French/Spanish/Dutch/Turkish/… translation…
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Litepaper … just published :blush:


Bulls or Bears - DEX is not going away! MarginX continues to BUIDL. Full transparency, on-chain transactions to flatten the playing field for all since launched. Coming soon…very soon!


New dashboard deployed on Paper Trading (testnet) site - data direct from Function X MarginX blockchain. Soon Mainnet!

Testnet —> []