New to Pundi x. What should I know about Purse?

Hello, I have heard about the Pundi x and was looking over some of the blogs. The AMA talked about it being a Liquidity Mining program and you can delegate through the pancakeswap? Basically, adding more Liquidity in the form of BNB to get more Purse tokens right?

I find this to be an interesting concept, I’ve seen it in a few other instances for NFT games and other projects. Pancakeswap does this really well, but it does have a high risk for a high reward after all. Mostly being the price of the coin that could go up or go way down with Crypto always being a volatile factor.

These tokens that we are rewarded will be expected to be held as a part of the contract or could they use for something else like rewards? I know a few different projects that generate tokens to be used for voting on the direction of a project will that apply here? I believe that I saw something about Mission Wagmi?

Oh just wanted to make sure that this was the right website as I saw that you can delegate from your X wallet app? Or was that in the past and now it’s mainly through Pancakeswap?


Cause I saw the APY and was like this is pretty nice and exciting if it stays like that or goes up! :heart_eyes:

ok i’ll try straighten this out for you, Firstly PURSE is the rewards token for PUNDIX delegate on Pundi X Chain this is the only way on FX wallet to earn PURSE at this time, From PUNDIX.

The link you have pictures of above is only to the Pancake staking
Pancake allows you to make LP liquidity pool tokens from BUSD and PURSE, to earn more PURSE, you’ll need BNB there for fee’s as well in a Metamask BSC wallet, once you have your BUSD an PURSE in your wallet when you open the farm page; up the top will be a link to create the LP token which is what you’ll stake to earn PURSE.

WAGMI thing finished, it was a test thing for the Beta testing wallet version to mint our first NFT’s, there will be new NFT minting abilities in the future.

Reward PURSE is planning many ways to redeem things of interest and value, it’s like building up your shopping rewards points you will find purpose for them, the earned PURSE on pancake will just build up on your metamask wallet as you harvest it; you can add more BUSD and create more LP token and stake more to compound your earnings as you get them, or just save them up choice it yours, try not to switch wallets to much with purse as you loose 20% because of the BDL, search here for more info on that.

hope this helps


Oh, that is pretty good and I can see how that can be rewarding to those that help secure the blockchain.

I will be sure to check out that link you posted. I might need a guide to ensure that I delegate to the right place as Pancakeswap can be a little tricky. :sweat_smile:

Oh BNB is for the fee. You need to put in BUSD and PURSE for liquidity to earn more based on the amount you invest. I’m guessing that I can buy PURSE coin from Pancakeswap to ensure that I have some for staking.

Oh WAGMI is over now, I came at a bad time then. All good tho as I can still get into the Liquidity mining pool then.

That is really different from most other farms because they are mainly for people to gain tokens and cash them out. I like the idea of being able to save up to get some pretty good reward or whatever can be offered! Did you redeem it for any rewards or thoughts on what they have in the future?

Thanks for that advice! I will try to keep it all in one wallet because I really don’t want to lose 20% of what I get that sounds pretty rough. It does help me understand the process more!

you should be able to find information guides here or on the pundix’s website, look for Medium articles, the WAGMI nft’s was one of the things we were able to use the PURSE for as you will in the future, as I say look up medium posts you’ll find all the info you need, join the PURSE twitter or ask in the PUNDIX telegram group