NFT Series like Dustybots

My proposal is to create one or more NFT projects on Functionx Chain as soon as it will be possible.
Two friends of mine develop and they are real good designs.

They want to build an FX exclusive NFT Collection as soon as the possibilities would be there on function x.

1. Number of $FX requested (incubator fund) :

2. Proposal belongs to which segments:
Developer Fund;

3. Incubator fund distribution timeframe and milestones:

  • Prototype stage: TBD $FX
  • Testing and Revision stage : TBD $FX
  • Minting: TBD $FX
  • Marketing budget: TBD $FX

4. Description of the proposal, including the name of the proposal, mechanics of the proposal, benefits to the Function X ecosystem, team introduction, etc.
My proposal detail has been explained above.

5. Reasons the project should be selected and supported and competitive analysis:
This project will help the organic marketing in Function X Ecosystem. From community, for community.

6. Attachments, such as GitHub link, product prototype, video, planning, blueprint, twitter etc.
I will post more details regarding to this proposal as soon as NFT launches become possible.

Do not delete this part
Disclaimer: This poll is just a tool to get the sentiment around this proposal and it will NOT affect on-chain voting in any way. If your proposal is getting a good sentiment around the community, it might signal that the proposal is good to go to the next phase, otherwise, some modifications might be necessary.

  • YES
  • NO

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guys they are hyper cute robots and they almost use our CI colors…

I try to get them to make one legendary robot with our FX CI would you allow that @zaccheah @DavidK i dont want to ask him without your permission…


I see no problem in having them make one. Seems having that would help support your proposal, once all those TBDs are filled in.


I very like the proposal. The first NFT’s in the FX space! I think a lot ppl would be interested in it, especially when i’m looking at Twitter how much news there is with NFT’s.

Will there also be exclusive Pundi X NFT’s?

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I truly like this proposal.
It will have my yes for sure.

The preview on the website looks promising.
It woukd be great to have the cute robots on the fx chain.
And if i understand the $pr token correctly, it would be fantastic use case to be able to buy a nft robot with the $pr tokens.

@Alchimist i want a dustybot enjoying listening to an Elvis song…ahuhu…all shook up…pleeeaaaase ask your pals…:wink::slightly_smiling_face::grin:

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as i have the ok from the chieftain now i have to talk to Tim the designer, the co founder marcel absolutely want to do it, but he is hyped because he is the marketing person :smiley:

i still need the artist Tim on my side for that project.


Marcel says you should write that in the Suggestion channel of the discord :blush:

As soon as the launch is a success and He got all planned work out Tim has more time to Design more stuff


Tell him all pundians will come after him if he don’t…:grin::muscle:


Do we early supporters get a free NFT? :smiley:


its a super rare collectible he starts with… there are more early supporters than collectibles :smiley: that wont work

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Love the idea, having the nft market also work with function x would increase the user case significantly.
looking forward to the details

Don’t understand anything about the NFT hype. Too old for it probably :slight_smile:
But my twitter is full of pinguïns, apes, … So why not with bots… as a robot collector I would have to say Yes :slight_smile:

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yep I’m the Same as ive, but I see the prospects of the FX to have them so it’s a yes from me, depending on the FX requirement

yeah i get that with the fx requirement… but i cant really calculate anything because we cant add nft right now… and we have no marketplace that for example supports fx… opensea is like only ethereum …

we need to get access to that market and then i can calculate.

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I responded to their giveaway with “dustybots on function x” and got the following response:

yeah i have them in the boat…

if they could use FX at opensea they would join in asap…