NFT use case

@DavidK , @zaccheah , everyone,

I was thinking about a new use case for PundiX DeXPOS, a parallel chain and f(x)wallet.

What if we were able to buy NFTs from DeXPOS using fiat and the PundiXChain and transfer them on a parallel chain (very fast confirmation rate, but with less than 100 TPS) ?
What if we were able to transfer those NFTs from PundiXChain on this new chain ?
What if PundiXChain and that new chain was implementing the Cosmos SDK “NFT” module ?
What if a simple permissioned app was able to “consume” the NFT, given that you show it (+ confirm with tap), to the permissioned app, and that permissioned app would send back a “consumed” NFT (for history record) ?

Wouldn’t that make a great ticketing app using the DeXPOS ?

Just an idea in the middle of the sea… (after what happens regularly around soccer stadiums, concerts, etc.)



I vote yes for your idea