Not claiming the first 5%

Hi thankyou PUNDIX/Fx,
This is the future.
Question if we do not do our first claim on june 15 will we lose our Initial 5% reward?
If we do not do the first claim will we lose the remaining 95%
Or can we do one claim at the end of December?

Also do we need to redeem our tokens or do they Automatically go back to our Fx wallets once staking ends?

I am sorry if this is a repeat question.

The reason I ask is because the gas fee is more than my reward for the Initial 5%.

Thanks in advance.

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You must make the first 5% claim to qualify for the remaining 95%. More details here, reply from @zaccheah

Thanks for that clarification. Would have been nice todo one claim at the end but I am more here for the project than the rewards.

Also do we have to redeem our tokens or is this done automatically?



Once you make the first claim, 5% of the rewards will be deposited into your fx wallet. The balance 95% of the rewards will then be automatically released at 5% per week for 19 weeks, and made available for claim. Yes, you will need to claim the rewards. Latest date to claim is 5 Dec 2021. If you like to claim the 95% rewards in one go, then claim it on 5 Dec 2021.