Observation on FX price

ZB.com, no liquidity at all but shows over $1m in trading everyday. Always seems to pull down the overall price.

My observations about their order book is not positive. You can check it too.

The moment they listed FX, prices keep on falling.

Can’t something be done about it? Delisting FX from the exchange or removing the exchange from coinmarketcap.

Couldn’t Kronos (@benyorke.eth) offer liquidity on this exchange and maybe LAToken as well.

No, they shouldn’t offer liquidity on an exchange that nobody uses…

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An exchange with no liquidity can not be an influence of the over all value of the token, exchanges are their own rulers no point asking the project what to do about exchanges we have no say in what they do or do not list, no delisting is good advertisement, Kronos contract is only on the exchanges listed in their proposal it would take a community vote to extend & probably wouldn’t be available until the renew of the contract just my guess, never the less unless it’s a popular exchange by the community with liquidity there is no chance that would happen.


You are both right. I just wanted to find out if there was something that could be done about it.

I mean look at the screenshot below:

The volume on the exchange seems to be around 50% of the total trading done on FX on any single day. The price rarely go higher and if the price on coingecko and coinmarketcap is based on average on all exchanges, it seems to be a critical factor.

I remember the days when UpBit abd BitThumb had similar standing but they were overall positive for the prices. When they got going, they were unstoppable. However, ZB.com is contrary to the mentioned exchanges. Even when prices on other major exchanges reaches day/week high, this hardly changes and slowly pulls every other price down. My worry seems to come from them posting such large volumes that it affects how average price is shown on coinmarketcap and coingecko which ultimately affects prices shown in other places.

the team may weigh in but I doubt it; the projects do their job which is build and add value to the project & eco system - their not about price or market and I don’t know if they’ll even leave market discussion here; Markets are their own beast in which we really have no control, any action done wrong could be fingered as market manipulation the project cannot interfere as always stated the project dose not control the market, the concept i believe of market making is to provide liquidity which by default may help value providing liquidity but it’s not a guarantee of value increase. just my take but the team may want to address your concerns we will see if they weight in.

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