Ongoing Discussion: All things f(x) Wallet Beta

Yes I was testing the crypto gift’s; I used my previous wallet and same on my fathers iphone to send him the gift I needed to add BNB to his assets and couldn’t find how, so having the other fx wallet version on his phone still; I added the asset there and went back to the beta version and the asset was added :slight_smile:

Crypto gifts! I found that you have to make sure the reciever also has some Fee coin in their wallets as there is a recieving fee, the gifting worked fine through telegram, but first time had a few hick up’s worked better after re-booting of the recieving device as the first time the link wouldn’t open the fx app properly, the link a few time sent the recieving iphone back to the app download page rather then to the fx wallet, closing that window and trying again got it to open fx wallet. it was glitchy but we got it through, But if you have someone’s wallet address I would go direct.

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I have the same icon for FxCore et PundiX on Android version

yes because they are both FX core chains, that’s on the fx core now; swipe one right and it will say FX -Pundi x chain

I bought 5x10 pieces. But only received 30? Anyone the same problem?

The strange thing is that I can see the 1st, 3rd and 4th set. But missing the 2nd and 5th set.

It’s seems when you have both wallets (original and beta) open this issue comes up. It’s up to 18hours now and the 2nd and 5th sets are still not available to view. When I close the original wallet. And buy another 10, it comes directly in my view.

You can check your address on bscscan to see if your transaction went through.

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Give it some hours, they did say that some of the NFT would take some time to load and they are in the process of trying to speed it up.

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Thanks for the reply, then we just wait!

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I sent $PURSE to my Beta Wallet but the Wallet doesn’t show $PURSE as an ASSET in PunchXChain. What do i do now?

You need to have it on the BSC. Transfer it from the Pundix Chain to the Binance Chain.

but it’s $PURSE which is an asset on the PundiXChain. It’s currently in my wallet showing on the PundiXChain Explorer. But I can’t bridge the token if i can’t see as an asset in my f(X) Wallet.

Then add the asset to the wallet

It’s now added. But it did it on its own.

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Bridge from PundiXChain to BSC success…

when loading a new app it’s always best to do a shut down and restart of the device; sometimes componants need this to fully load. Just advise to everyone that bit

adding assets, I used my same seed and loaded the Beta app as well this will have 2 different app icons, I added an asset by opening the current fx wallet and added the asset there and when i went back to the beta version the asset was there, they have to fix the add asset part of the beta version obviously.

alternatively if you made a new wallet for the beta app; you could load the current fx wallet as well with the seed you made for the beta and add the assets there; careful if your still using the current app make sure you have your seed backed up first - No one can save you if you forget that

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Still missing the 2nd and 5th set? Why do we have this forum if nobody can help me or inform me about this issue?

In the instructions there’s a note 3/4 hours. But now it’s a day after?

I would like to have what I’ve paid for, that’s not a big question right!?

Did you count how many NFTs are in your NFT Asset Wallet? Check if there is 50 count.

So far, everyone i know got their NFT without any problem.

Yes I counted them. And yes I even wrote down al the token numbers and yes it’s still missing in the view.

I even bought a 6, 7, 8 & 9th set.

But still missing the 2nd and 5th set?!

Do you mind giving the TXID? Maybe 2nd and 5th failed.

Give the team some time, like they said, it is still in BETA and all funds are SAFU.

It will eventually appear if the transaction really went through.

still must be something the team is working on, I’m still not seeing 2 sets as well

It didn’t failed. I don’t mind to give the TXID to the one that can solve it.

And if it’s something the team is still working on, they should give an update. Now it states 3/4 hours. And now it’s a day we waited. This is how panic reaction created.