OS FX, Do we have hope?

Hi there,

I am posting this question here. I’ve tried to ask it during the all-hands meeting.

It had a considerable interest in the french community in 2020 during the meeting we’ve made on the french discord. I’ve understood the difficulty of building a phone, but sometimes investors ask me about that, and I would like to know too :slight_smile:

I would like to know if the project to see one day a phone running through OS Fx is dead or if we have a hope to see a constructor release a phone with the FX OS.

I’ve heard about OS Fx for a computer, too. Same question.

Or, as Linux, it would be great to have the software free to install on our devices and start to use it?

I going to appreciate your responses.



to my knowledge the work is done, the phone concept successfully tested, there needs to be demand the community didn’t show enough to make it viable from what it look like to me; the idea is before it’s time but also back then they were still creating the network required to run the Phone on now we have that it really comes down to demand, I’m sure a mobile phone provider would have it in their sights & go for it once they work out how to monetise it, or Maybe If someone was to create a proposal to take control of it by creating another L2 chain on FX the BOB chain & seeing if they can conjure up enough demand to have it put back up for production as the reason for the last attempt not happening is because the manufacture wanted a higher first production quantity, A lot of risk back then without the network finished & Covid messing up the staff situations of manufactures.

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Hello and thank you for your answer.

I am aware of the problems encountered that caused the phone project to be put aside.

I just wanted to know if it was definitively dead or if there was a hope to see it one day available.

The BOB phone was very ugly visually unlike the Xphone which was perfect!

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it sits in waiting basically, not sure what for. @zaccheah may give us some insight but generally if nothing is being said nothing is in the cards for now, the BOB cover by the way was just a skin you didn’t have to use! it was also meant to be able to cutomisable & print your own as well the Xphone was the same phone, it’s software & probably a chip added to any Android mobile model