p(x)Card question

Will the p(x)Card generate a new private key (through the new app)
Or can you connect the card to f(x)Wallet so the private key from the fxwallet wil be the private key for the card as well?

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Probably yes as the Algo used to hash the keys are pretty much standard, unless there is no import button which is I doubt it.

Would be nice to be able to import and connect indeed.
Otherwise i have to buy me a second Billfodl Backup for the extra seed.

Hey guys,

I understand we, as a crypto savvy user, all want to export and keep the private key in the way we prefer. But p(x)Card is made differently from the current hardware wallets in the market.

p(x)Card aims to be used by first-time users that do not need to equip with any knowledge of cryptocurrency. It will be for the group of people who are often lose their passwords, don’t know how to use ledger or lose PUK of their google authenticator, which we see, are more than 80% of world population. And we think the easiest way for them to keep the private key is in the card itself and treat it like physical cash. This will probably work like a gift card or pocket money card. Because of this, the p(x)card will be cheaper than the current hardware wallets. And users may tend to store less value in the card and possibly hold multiple cards for different purposes. It’s made for day-to-day usage. Hence, no one (including hackers that may retrieve your private key from public wi-fi network) can extract the private key from the card. Only the p(x)card holder can sign the transaction. If they lose the card, they lose the key and assets. This is what we design for the first version. If people request the feature to export the private key in the future, we will certain add the exporting feature on the app. But now in the first stage, we keep it simple. The purpose is to increase many more crypto users.

It’s not a popular opinion but it worths to see the reaction and feedback with the launch of the first 500 cards. Please feel free to let us know what you think.