Participate and win p(x)Card crypto hardware wallet!

Dear Function X community,

It’s the start of the last month of 2022, and here are some important updates from FXDM that you don’t want to miss!

FXDM theme for December 2022

November has been a roller-coaster ride for the crypto world and everyone has learned a great deal. We have now come to realize the importance of self-custodial wallets and that the phrase “Not your keys, not your token” has even greater meaning today, given the incidents that happened in 2022.

Among the many choices for protecting your own assets, a hardware wallet is something to consider. After months of development, our hardware wallet, the p(x)Card, co-developed with Infineon will soon be officially launched!

In celebration of the upcoming release of p(x)Card, we’d like to encourage all FXDM participants to promote the importance of self-custodial and hardware wallets in their creations. As a special Christmas reward, all the December FXDM winners will not only receive the token rewards but also a p(x)Card!

Let’s make the FXDM December as decentralized as can be!

New FXNEER joining the squad

We’re happy to announce that @KuzoIV is joining the squad to become one of the FXNEERS along with other community members Claudio, Crypto Knightrider and Jan. This batch of FXNEERS begins this month and will work until May, 2023. It’s great to have you all onboard and we’re looking forward to working together!

Thank you and please feel free to comment below to share your thoughts!


Super! Very interesting!
Can we get more information about the wallet itself?
It will be useful!)


p(x)Card is a self-custody cold wallet card that can support multiple blockchain networks. p(x)Card equips with Infineon’s field-proven security chip featuring Integrity Guard security technology. The wallet key is generated and stored on the card. Users can use the p(x)Card to authorize crypto payment or crypto top-up via the p(x)Change dApp on XPOS. There will be an app to manage the p(x)Card.


I was looking into a new email provider today upon looking at information regarding multi-factor authentication I had an Idea about apps and security access, as we know we need good security tools to access many things in our lives; I know there will be an app to access the P(x)Cards and they have their own private keys, But I have a question for Infineon Technologies could the card itself also serve as a Security access device to access apps & devices, as a security access you could carry rather then using an online authenticator this would be like carrying a key around to your life rather then rely on hackable online services? just an idea tought I would spin it :slight_smile:

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That’s such a good idea.

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