Partnership with Tether using FX Blockchain

Will there be a possible partnership with USDT Tether using FX Blockchain once it is launched in the future?

Currently TRON USDT-TRC20 is dominating the USDT transfer space.

I think it will be very possible for FX to have one of the lowest fee, if not the lowest with our current 200k tps although it is through TestNet.

Today, Avalanche just partnered with Tether and people will be able to transfer USDT using their blockchain network.

This will also help to generate more blocks and more usage of the FX Blockchain which will give exposure.


USDT being ERC-20 will bridge it into Function X Mainnet, which means USDT will be supported on Function X Mainnet.

We also have fxUSD which is our 1:1 peg. Cryptos (fx, etc) and stables (usdt, etc) will be used as peg.


For example, on Binance, we can send USDT on multiple networks.

Will it be possible for FX Network to be on Binance list of network?

Same like KuCoin - Will it be possible for FX Blockchain to be listed there also?

Avalanche will be listed on those network list soon since they did some partnering or something.


That’s the idea @SCENE