Please My transaction is pending

Hello 3 days ago I sent 50$ USDT (ERC20) to the receiving address but they are still pending and I don’t know what to do ! please if anybody here can help me

First check the gwei you initiated the transaction on.
If you press txn you will see the details.

If it’s low gwei comparing to current or overall average you will either wait more till it hits or simple overwrite the transaction with new one.

It will put new request to send and cancel previous one.

There will be new calculation to eth fees charge, old one will be canceled and not deducted.

I couldn’t understand because i’m new to Crypto apps but here’s a pic of the details

It shows that you have transferred it to this address → 0xf14b390f521a05a43db57713f68838f9546af0ba
That address has the $50 that you transferred.

Also, this isn’t ERC20, i checked and it is on the BEP20 network which is Binance Smart Chain.

  • Did you transfer to the wrong network?

Do you own this address? → 0xf14b390f521a05a43db57713f68838f9546af0ba

  • If you own that address and you hold the private key, you may have a chance to recover it

Thanks That 0f14 address belongs to a website i can contact with the service but what should i tell them ? please :pray:

So in summary:
You send BEP20-USDT from F(X)Wallet to another website and that website is holding your tokens?

  1. You can try to contact them through email if they have one
  2. Show them the details and let them know that you transferred wrongly
  • If it is a CEX, usually there will be a fee but you can still try
    ( Not sure if they will help for small amounts )

Also if it is a CEX and you transferred it to your own CEX account, you can try to check your USDT address in that website to see if you can transfer it out yourself first before contacting them.

CEX = Centralized Exchange → Examples: Binance, FTX, KuCoin, etc.

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