Please post the Contact data from your favorite exchanges

You would like FX (core on your exchanges? Please post the contact details in response or link to your favorite exchanges? Please write to the support that you would like to have Fxcore in the exchange. If we all have to do that, consider the exchange FXcore and Consider listing it. It’s just a suggestion from me and no guarantee that it will be listed there afterwards. But it’s worth a try.


Bitvavo (dutch exchange, registered at the Dutch national banck autority DNB) and offers crypto trades all over Europe. already have PUNDIX listed. One of the largest exchanges in europe, trading in 27 countries and has 1m users.

email is (only email they give out)
Alternatively it is worth using physical snail mail to their HQ at address
Herengracht 450
1017CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Dutch chamber of commerce number is 68743424



The best method for contact at Coinbase is through their new Asset Listing hub for Developers which can be found here. They are actively adding many new projects currently and FX + PundiX are far more than worthy of being listed.

I would expect that Coinbase would work with the team for FX Core Token Listing as they have done so for other projects.

Zach Segal is the head of Listings at Coinbase but can only be reached through the asset hub.



Kraken is another US based exchange that has been known for adopting and listing crypto projects faster than some of its other competitors.

They can be reached at the email:

Chloe Mcparland is the Listing Coordinator but can only be reached through the above email.


Hello - - Same data as @Richyshadowlux

It would be nice to have both $PUNDIX and $FX in the same place - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:


Litebite (a Dutch Exchange) - They do not have Pundix or FX

Submit your cryptocurrency:

Bitcoinmeester (a Dutch Exchange) - They have Pundix but no FX


Bit4you (A Belgium Exchange) - They do not have PUNDIX or FX


New Coins Listing on Syndicate | Share Your Projects With 50M+ Users


Listing coins:
Contact Us | CEX.IO

Maybe this company can help you list pundix and fx:


this one:



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Exchange Listing Fees (EGF funds can be used @zaccheah @indra @DavidK @ByteXSylvia)

  1. $5000 : LAToken Listing and Marketing → Rank: 96
  2. $5400 : Indoex Listing → Rank: 123
  3. Unknown Fees : Zebpay → Rank: 62
  4. $7000 : CoinTiger Listing and Marketing → Rank: 149
  5. $15000 : HotBit Listing → Rank: 110
  6. $20000 : WhiteBit Listing → Rank: 94

Contacts Information

  1. LAToken: LATOKEN
  2. Indoex: Indoex Digital Assets Exchange
  3. Zebpay:
  4. CoinTiger: Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | CoinTiger. Apply and then public voting
  5. HotBit:
  6. WhiteBit: Cryptocurrency token listing | WhiteBIT
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I think it be important to be listed on the more popular exchanges.


@ByteXSylvia could you give us a follow up. Do you need more info from us, could you tell us of contact was made with these exchanges…… etc etc. Thx

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indodax indonesia exchange
will be masive

Ссылка на биржу Telegram: Contact @OKExOfficial_English
ФX написала о рассмотрении ее листинга

A major bank in Brazil is starting up, maybe a good time to contact them and show them your product so they can include pundix and fx in their assets.


@ByteXSylvia @DavidK @zaccheah

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