Please Update Coinmarketcap Stats

I have raised this issue before and am raising it again here.

The circulating supply on coin market cap is wrong.

  1. The current supply is shown as approximately 408m
  2. The total supply according to explorer is 488m
  3. Total market cap now is 123m
  4. If updated total market cap would be approximately 147.4m (488,628,182*0.3018)

If updated the rank would go up significantly to 156 (a jump of almost 30 place. When the market stabilizes, it could provide a huge boost to the support for the token. Lets say crypto market starts gaining momentum next week or month, the token could get a huge boost and reach top 100 if by luck we get another korean pump. A good rank would also mean we can safely avoid the sell offs taking place as well as onboard new holders.

The link below can be helpful.

Coinmarketcap guidelines-

Self-reporting dashboard-


I also noticed that the data on market capitalization (approximately 124m) on FX explorer is wrong.

Isn’t market cap calculated as Circulating Supply X Price of Token

So, market cap displayed should be 488,668,233*$0.303684 (based on screenshot) which equals to $148,400,723.67. This is consistent with data from coingecko.

We have several direct line of contact and am friends with CMC and CG folks, sometimes things take a while.


Thank you for the input.

For CMC, i am in touch with them, but they have their own calculation, so there is difference on the numbers.

Will keep update this.