Possible Bitvavo listing for FX?

Bitvavo is going to list new assets based on what the majority of ppl want or said in Twitter.

Hope Bitvavo noticed us and it’s already a advantage that PUNDIX is on there.

Especially @Richyshadowlux is the MVP for tweeting a lot in their posts about FX.


I made it my personal goal to get fx on there.
The dutch pundix and fx community is this size because pundix was listed there. So having fx there cpuld be a huge boost again.
I also use it as a ramp myself, so being able to trade there makes things easyer😅

I havvnt been nlocked yet so thats a good sign

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:pleading_face: Twitter banned me;

That is bad but why did you get banned? Anyway you still could make a new account and start fresh if you want.

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They actually Wouldnt tell me; Maybe because I sent Elon Musk a heap of messages telling him to stop f#ck&@g with crypto, go play with his spaceships like a big boy :man_shrugging:t3:

Yea, that could trigger his fanboys to report and get you banned😅

Atleast more ppl started to ignore spacelord. Don’t hear anything about him anymore.

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A lot of people are still in the red after the drop after he trolled multiple coins, those people remember that.
The group that did not liked him being around crypto cause he has no issue manipulating his own stocks only grew.
So yea, his popularity to a deserved hit

No Fx listing on Bitvavo. Sad