PR Token event starting before Mainnet :(

Hello friends

Many pundians are planning to send their Pundixes to FX wallet or Trust wallet to receive PR tokens.

But the mainnet launch has not happened yet and the transfer fees on erc20 are very expensive.

We will lose a lot of PUNDIX as a transfer transaction in order to obtain PR tokens.

It is very sad that the event started before the mainnet, exchanges do not support this event.

I think everyone would be very happy if the event was held after the mainnet.

Can there be a solution to this?


I think everyone will be very happy if the event is held after the mainnet. And so are the other pundians, wouldn’t that be great for the community? @zaccheah @Superbit123


agree would be much better if it happened after the mainnet


hope that the team @zaccheah @eduardstal @indra @BlueStitch
@ByteXSylvia and the holders will express their opinion on this. Personally, I don’t think it can hurt to wait another two weeks … what others think?


If you talking about sending tokens from a exchange to FXwallet, my own experience was that i paid 3.4 PundiX as transaction costs and i did few weeks ago. Doesn’t matter how many you send. I guess that works from every place it be send but i’m not sure.

For mainnet, in my opinion the remaining could be filled by the team bc every day the staking pool is decreasing unless whales finally decide to add their FX in the pool.


your PUNDIX token are on the eth network now, there is 2 ways to get PR token, the first is to encourage people to hold there PUNDIX in the ERC20 wallet of FX wallet; by that they are trying to keep the market value up doing a snapshot by the 30th for people holding to mainnet, If fee’s are to much to move for the first stage don’t move them! if you believe the amount of PR token you will get will not compensate you, all networks have TX fee’s if they are a problem to you I’m not being nasty here but you just have work within your means, the main reason for the PR token is rewards for delegation on the xpos chain on main net, so if you can’t afford to move for the snapshot wait to move to mainnet for the PUNDIX delegating on main net to earn PR. it’s set out like this for reasons set out in Zac’s draft. sometimes you need to read between the lines to understand the first part of this which is that they are trying to improve value in the market as people will load up before the snap shot or hold what they have, so your other opportunity is wait until a few days before and if the market comes up your cost loss to move maybe less provided eth fee’s don’t take off again, when you have less you need to form game plans that best work in your favor but from experience it hardly works out it’s so easy to be off by 5 min’s even, major thing that has ever taken me out of the rutt of fee’s being annoying was to keep stacking in the lows as you can and wait for the value jump and use profits to pay the fee’s, record keeping is your friend if you do not keep up with your self you will never get ahead, calculate note everything you’ll find it handy when it comes to tax time, may not matter now but trust me when your value becomes a lot you then have to account for capital gains every time you sell something

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